Free-hand 3D Ultrasound Imaging Software Package Ultra3D

A software package, Ultra3D, for ultrasound image processing and 3D visualization has been developed. In particular, it has been successfully integrated with a miniaturized Terason SmartProbeTM which is currently the only commercial ultrasound unit that is based on a PC. The software functions in Ultra3D have been tested using the SmartProbeTM, as well as other ultrasound units, mostly for fetal imaging. Fast 3D re-construction and revealing 3D images have demonstrated the usefulness of the software in achieving 3D ultrasound imaging on a portable/wearable ultrasound system. Future research is needed to develop the necessary hardware and improve the system's operations under a more hostile environment.

Demonstration movies of the Ultra3D software

  • Interface of Ultra3D software (file size: 3.3 MB; movie length: 2 minutes) view view
  • Different 3D rendering modes of Ultra3D software (file size: 2.4 MB; movie length: 1.4 minutes) view view


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  • Xu XG, Na YH, and Zhang T. Design and Test of a PC-Based Portable Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Software System Ultra3D. Computers in Biology and Medicine, Vol 38/2, pp244-251, 2008. view view

Images and Results

  • Case Study view view
  • User Interface view view
  • System Architecture view view