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Specialty Underwriters is Rensselaer’s Preferred Provider for Equipment Maintenance Management Programs.  As the industry leader in capital equipment maintenance solutions, Specialty Underwriters provides cost effective, outsourced maintenance programs for their customer partners in a wide range of market segments.  Their strong technical expertise and proprietary database enable them to recommend, implement and manage comprehensive equipment repair and maintenance programs.  These programs, in turn, generate significant cost savings, increased efficiencies and improved management control over time.

This unique program provides substantial hard and soft dollar savings on the maintenance and repair of a wide range of equipment and enables Rensselaer to consolidate multiple contracts into one program package under the Specialty Underwriters Agreement.  It further enables the Institute to add and delete equipment easily, track repair requests, monitor equipment performance and gain consistency of process and budget control of expenses.  The value results from increased operational efficiencies, a stronger management information system to base decisions on and surplus dollars to direct toward other critical business operations.

The Program includes, but is not limited to, the following equipment:

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Communication Systems
  • Computer Hardware
  • Networks & Servers
  • Office Equipment
  • Security Systems

Contract Information:

The Specialty Underwriters contract is a negotiated contract awarded in collaboration with the Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service (E&I), a national purchasing cooperative that serves over 2,300 member colleges and universities across the country.

The objectives of the Equipment Maintenance Program are to outsource the administration of corrective and preventative maintenance while providing cost effective controls and handling efficiencies that maintain or improve levels of supplier service.   The typical program converts existing maintenance agreements and repairs to a time and materials model.
Contract Highlights:

  • One Point of Contact – For all equipment maintenance management issues (including supplier invoicing and payment) and the ability for the member to retain their repair/maintenance supplier of choice.  Specialty Underwriters contacts the repair company as requested by Rensselaer and processes individual supplier invoices.
  • Toll Free Call Center – The TELESERVE Call center provides end users a convenient, one-stop approach to requesting service regardless of supplier or equipment type.  The number is 1-800-833-7050.
  • Reduction in Direct Costs – Depending on the mix of equipment and existing contract discounts, hard dollar cost reduction typically ranges from 15% to 30%.  Resultant savings can be applied to other business requirements.
  • Management and Payment of Supplier Invoices on Covered Repairs for All Scheduled Equipment Selected – Removes the burden of the purchase order process, thereby freeing up valuable time and providing soft dollar savings with minimal transactions.
  • Paperwork Reduction – By consolidating multiple agreements into one master program, valuable time is saved by eliminating the need to track, manage and renew numerous supplier agreements throughout the calendar year.  
  • Management control of equipment and supplier performance, along with access to useful online Asset Management reports and analytical reviews – Enables management to identify equipment repair costs by reason, item, type and department.  Planning and management of new equipment acquisitions can now be made based on facts, not speculation.
  • Online Reports for Equipment Schedules and Repair Histories
  • Analytic Reviews – Useful life studies (if the date of purchase is provided), Out-of-scope costs (invoices for non-covered services under standard maintenance contracts), Troubled equipment reports
  • Warranty Watch – Specialty Underwriters will track warranties of new equipment purchased, notify the supplier if repairs are needed and remind the supplier that no invoice should arrive.  Equipment will be automatically added to the Equipment Maintenance Program at the discounted costs when the warranty expires

For Quotes, please contact:

Elaine Wilson
Business Manager SU Group LLC
(P): (800) 558-9910
(M): (262) 939-0269
(F): (414) 216-0344

**PLEASE BE ADVISED** When purchase order requests for equipment maintenance plans are submitted via OSCAR to Procurement, Procurement will ask the Department whether Specialty Underwriters has provided a quote.  If the OEM is selected over Specialty Underwriters, a justification of this decision shall be provided as the OEM is no longer a “sole source provider” of the maintenance service.