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Photograph of Vice President of Finance, Virginia GreggAthmedics, Inc.  is the Institutes’ preferred Master Agreement supplier for athletic supplies and equipment effective June 1, 2012.  Athmedics is a distributor of athletic equipment and sports medicine supplies-providing youth, high school, college, and professional level teams and their trainers’ high-quality goods since 1991.  They offer uniforms, equipment, and accessories for most major sports, as well as a full line of products to prevent and treat sports-related injuries.  Athmedics is located in Rome, New York. 


Contract Information:This negotiated Athmedics Master Agreement offers mutual benefits for both the Institute and Athmedics while fostering a growing relationship.

The Master Agreement offers the Institute the following benefits:

  • Accessibility to products from the leading athletic and sports medicine manufacturers
  • Discounted pricing
  • Price increases not to exceed 5% over the length of the Master Agreement
  • No additional shipping/freight costs for routine delivery (shipping/freight costs will apply to next day delivery)
  • Great customer service

Conversely, Athmedics reaps the following benefits from this Mater Agreement:

  • Builds a Strategic Sourcing partnership with Rensselaer
  • Standardized pricing for the contract term
  • Standardized ordering/payment process
  • Formerly introduces the Institute’s coaches, trainers, staff and students to Athmedics and Athmedics suppliers

Contract Term:   6/1/17 - 05/30/2020

Prices/Discounts: Pricing is held firm for one (1) year; unless price for item(s) increases/decreases then revised pricing will be negotiated.  Detailed pricing and product information is available at anytime by contacting Procurement Services.

Ordering Information:  Orders can be placed against Blanket Order #P0B12927 by calling 1-800-756-1272, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm EST. 

Invoicing: Invoices will be provided by Athmedics to the “Bill To” address.  Invoices will be processed as a blanket order payment against Blanket Order #P0B12927. 

Supplier ID Number:  161396785 (Athmedics Inc)

Questions regarding specific products, pricing or ordering information can be directed to:

Athmedics, Inc. - Contact Information
Customer Service: 1-800-756-1272
Sales Representative: Kirk Box (315)-337-4141

Rensselaer - Contact Information
Strategic Sourcing Manager:  Rachael Kruse (518)276-8327