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Photograph of Vice President of Finance, Virginia GreggAirgas-East, Inc. is Rensselaer's Preferred Supplier of cylinder and bulk medical & industrial gases. The Institute has established a Master Agreement with Airgas that offers competitive pricing across all of their key product offerings. The price structure offered for gas cylinders is all inclusive with no additional rental fees, demurrage or other charges. Airgas will continue as a Rensselaer Marketplace enabled supplier however their product offering will now be available through a dynamically updated punch out catalog in OSCAR.

Contract Information: The Airgas Master Agreement is a five year agreement awarded to Airgas after the completion of solicitations and thorough negotiations with Airgas and the Institute's former primary gas cylinder provider. The final agreement was awarded to Airgas in collaboration with the Educational and Institutional Cooperative Service (E&I), a national purchasing cooperative that serves over 2,300 member colleges and universities across the country.

The Airgas Master Agreement and the associated E&I Program offers the following benefits to the Institute:

  • All inclusive pricing for gas cylinders with no additional rental fees, demurrage or other charges
  • Sale of gases in supply modes of various sizes and types (high and low pressure cylinders, cryogenic liquid dewars, tube bundles, micro-bulk, bulk and trailers)
  • Proven delivery solutions for any required applications including direct product delivery
  • Local stocking, support, and customer service
  • Cylinder tracking solutions, technical expertise, safety programs, audits and training

Contract Term: 04/01/2012 - 03/31/2017

Prices/Discounts: The agreement features fixed pricing for a core list of gas cylinder products. This core list is actively monitored and adjusted as needed to best suit the Institute's needs over time. Also incorporated in the agreement is a fixed discount percentage off Airgas base prices for certain welding equipment/consumables and the remaining Airgas catalog. Detailed pricing information is available at anytime on-line through the OSCAR punch out catalog. If you are unable to view OSCAR catalogs, please request the agreement's latest price schedule from either your departement's business manager or the respective Sourcing Manager in the Purchasing Services department.

Ordering Information: All orders for Airgas products must be processed via the Airgas punch out catalog enabled in the Rensselaer Marketplace. Please see the FAQ's regarding other options available when placing large orders or if you are ordering gas cylinders from Airgas for the first time.

Order processing & Delivery: All orders placed with Airgas by 4:30PM EST are processed and delivered next day for no additional charge if the product is in stock. Please see the FAQ's regarding additional information required with orders to assure timely and proper delivery of Airgas products.

Invoicing: Electronic invoicing is enabled for this online catalog.

Returns/Exchanges: Please see the FAQ's regarding the process to follow when returning or exchanging gas cylinders.

Frequently Asked Questions: Please read the Airgas FAQ's document that addresses additional questions or concerns you may have regarding transitioning to Airgas as well as other considerations for this agreement.

Supplier ID Number: 061463355 (Airgas-East, Inc.)

Questions regarding specific products, pricing or ordering information can be directed to:

Airgas Contact Information
Customer Service: (518) 452-4427 (Available 7:30 am to 4:30 pm M-F)
Account Manager: Brenda Sabatino (518) 928-3774
Alternate Account Manager: Rick Waddingham (518) 376-2864
Facility Manager: Jeff Duval (518) 588-8063
Safety: Lester Mackey (518) 376-2866

Rensselaer Contact Information
Sourcing Manager Geoff Mielke (518) 276-8692