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Photograph of Vice President of Finance, Virginia GreggIntegrated DNA Technologies , or IDT , is a leader in manufacturing and developing products for the research and diagnostics life science market. IDT serves the areas of academic research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development. Serving over 80,000 life sciences researchers, IDT is widely recognized as the industry leader in custom oligonucleotides due to its capabilities in:

  • Analytical Sophistication—  IDT pioneered the use of high throughput quality control (QC) methods and is the only oligonucleotide manufacturer to offer purity guarantees and 100% QC. Every oligonucleotide is analyzed by mass spectrometry and purified oligonucleotides receive further analysis by CE and HPLC.
  • Design Engineering —IDT maintains an engineering division dedicated to advancing synthesis, processing technology, and automation. An in-house machine shop provides rapid prototyping and custom part design/control.
  • Customer Support —IDT received over 100,000 calls last year with an average wait time of only 8 seconds.
  • Reagent and Input Control —IDT receives all solvents in large bulk containers, runs QC on all incoming materials, and performs bulk reagent formulation and functional QC on all reagents.

Additionally, IDT specializes in the areas of gene silencing based on RNAi, ddRNAi and antisense technologies, transcription profiling, DNA sequencing, SNP detection, and DNA amplification.


The negotiated Master Agreement with IDT offers the Institute the following benefits:

  • Business to business technology supports access to product information by punchout to the IDT website using such technologies such as cXML.
  • Streamlines internal processes through automated Rensselaer Marketplace ordering and e-invoicing
  • A large inventory of product offerings ready for immediate shipment
  • Discounted shipping charges. For orders under $50.00, a shipping charge of $11.25 per order applies. All orders over $50.00 are shipped free.

*Additional shipping charges will be incurred for plate orders, dry ice shipments, Expedite products and heavy stock items.

Contract Term : The Master Agreement is effective December 17, 2012 with an initial term of 2 years and may renew for additional 1-year terms.

Ordering Information : All orders for IDT products must be processed via the IDT punch out catalog enabled in the Rensselaer Marketplace.

*If you would like to request OSCAR access to utilize the IDT catalog and the Rensselaer Marketplace, please contact Meaghan Kraft at 276-3992 or at kraftm2@rpi.edu .

Payment Terms : Net 30 days.

Invoicing : Electronic invoicing is enabled for this online catalog.

Terms & Conditions : All returns/exchanges as well as other terms & conditions shall be subject to and governed by the Internet Procurement Agreement between IDT and Rensselaer.

Supplier ID Number : 421301142

Questions regarding this agreement can be directed to:

Integrated DNA Technologies Contact Information


Erin Bromwell

Customer Support Specialist

Bus: 1-800-328-2661 x8490

Fax: 1-319-626-8466


Rensselaer Contact Information


Geoff Mielke

Strategic Sourcing Manager

(518) 276-8692