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Full Purchasing Policies

  • Immediately notify, in writing, the vendor for credit card purchases.
  • Immediately notify the Purchasing department for all other purchases. 

At times there may be credits due to your P-Card account. For example, merchandise may have been returned, or a credit may be due on the P-Card for another reason, such as a credit for sales tax charged in error. We suggest that you enter these expected credits as line items on your Purchase Transaction Log. These entries will help you track the expected credits and provide a place to document the entries.

When the credit appears on your e-mail or monthly statement, indicate the statement date and voucher number on your Purchase Transaction Log. If the credit is for an item that was capitalized, note in the description the number of the original Journal Voucher (JV).

You will need to note this information for Property Administration when you fill in the capital equipment form for the credited amount.

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