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Full Purchasing Policies

Receiving a Blanket Order
  • Download and print the Receiving Report form

  • Complete all appropriate fields on the form including:

    Vendor Federal identification number
    Vendor name and address
    Purchase order number
    Invoice number(s)
    Amount(s) to be paid
    If there are multiple invoices be sure to include the total amount to be paid

  • FOAPAL information

    If multiple FOAPALs are to be used, indicate the percentage or dollar amount to be charged to each.

  • Attach the invoice(s) from the vendor to the back of the Receiving Report

  • Obtain the signature of the individual(s) with spending authority for each FOAPAL(s) listed

  • Send the Receiving Report with the attached invoice(s) to the Purchasing department via campus mail (Rice Building, 4th Floor) or fax to Purchasing at ext. 6003

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