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Term Purchase Order

A Term Order is a Purchase Order established with a vendor for a specific period of time (term), usually one year, for such services as maintenance, licenses, and leases. There is usually a contract or special terms and conditions associated with this type of order.

Examples — Copier lease, facsimile lease, vehicle lease, software maintenance.

New Term Order

  • Submit your request through OSCAR identifying the specific need, and attaching any supporting documentation.


  • The Purchasing department will notify the department with a renewal notice.
  • If you want to renew the Term Order sign the bottom of the renewal form where it states Renew. Submit a new requisition through the OSCAR, and attach the renewal form.
  • If you do not want to renew the Term Order, sign the bottom where it states Do Not Renew, and return to the purchasing agent.
  • If you receive an invoice for the next term, submit a new requisition through OSCAR.

Term Orders commit funds from the budget being charged.

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