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The Stockroom is an extension of the Purchasing department and is located in the Service Building on Peoples Avenue.


  • Provides necessary supplies to the Physical Plant and Environmental and Site Services departments for the maintenance and repair of all buildings and grounds on campus

  • Decreases the costs of maintenance inventory and improving inventory control

  • Assists campus departments with shipping and receiving of large freight for buildings with no loading dock:

    • Departments should call the Stockroom at ext. 6296 or ext. 6484 to notify them of the shipment.

    • Send an e-mail to FIXX@rpi.edu to arrange for the moving crew to deliver the shipment to your location. Please provide the company name, a description of the contents, date needed, building and room number.

    • Questions can be directed to Don Ammerman at ext. 8389.

Stockroom Support Team

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