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Computer and Software Purchases

Personal Computers

The Rensselaer Campus Computer Store (RCCS) is considered the preferred vendor for purchases of personal computers.

RCCS has established preferred vendor agreements through a competitive process which eliminates the need for additional competitive steps by the department acquiring the products.

A listing of preferred vendor agreements, pricing, and purchase procedures is available through the RCCS Web site.

When not purchasing through the RCCS under established preferred vendor agreements, the Purchasing department policies and procedures with regard to source selection will apply.


All software purchases are to be placed on a requisition through OSCAR.

Only the Purchasing department can authorize use of the P-Card for buying software.

If it is determined that the order can be placed using your P-Card:

  • you will be contacted by a purchasing agent via e-mail
  • the requisition will then be rejected in OSCAR and placed on the P-Card
  • attach the e-mail from the purchasing agent to your P-Card Purchase Transaction log

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