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Insurance Certificate Required from a Vendor

Before any work can be performed on a Rensselaer premises, evidence of current and valid insurance naming Rensselaer as an additional insured must be in the possession of the department of Risk Management. A requisition needs to be submitted through OSCAR, checking the On-Site Services section of the requisition. When a vendor comes on campus they must have general liability, auto and worker’s compensation insurance. These requirements are to protect RPI interest and assets. 

Before vendors can begin performing work on Rensselaer premises, they must provide a Certificate of Insurance in accordance with the following provisions unless otherwise approved by department of Risk Management. To determine if the vendor you will be using has a certificate on file, you may call Risk Management at ext. 6427.

Purchasing will assist in obtaining the required certificate, however, the order can not be placed until the certificate is received.

See the full policy for current insurance requirements.

Rental Car Insurance

If you are renting or leasing a vehicle for Rensselaer business within the United States, always decline additional insurance coverage. Rensselaer’s insurance policy covers all employees who are driving a rented or leased vehicle for Rensselaer business. However, if you are traveling for Rensselaer outside of the United States, you are encouraged to purchase any additional coverage that is available.

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