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Full Purchasing Policies

Lab Supplies and Chemicals

Chemical purchases are excluded from payment by P-Card unless the order is processed through the OSCAR eProcurement system.

All chemicals must either be ordered through one of our punch-out catalogs (Fisher Scientific, Sigma Aldrich, Krackeler Scientific, VWR) or submitted as a non-catalog requisition in OSCAR. All chemical purchases must comply with Policies and Procedures established in Rensselaer’s Chemical Hygiene Plan. Copies of this policy are available through the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

When ordering chemicals:

Request that a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) be sent to the requestor’s attention when the order is placed.

Forward the original MSDS to:

Department of Environmental Health & Safety
Blaw Knox I

MSDS must include:

  • Name of department using material
  • Location where material is to be used or stored
  • Person responsible for the material

Retain a copy of the MSDS in the department and in each individual laboratory, or post the Web address of the Rensselaer MSDS database in each laboratory.

Request that the carton be marked, Controlled Substance (if applicable).

Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol

  • Submit a Requisition through OSCAR  
  • Select Laboratory Alcohol as a Special Approval
  • The requisition will be routed to the Environmental Health and Safety department for approval by the Alcohol Officer


Submit a requisition via OSCAR marked Controlled Item, accompanied by the fully executed DEA Form 222.

Hypodermic Syringes and Needles

The purchase of hypodermic syringes and needles is prohibited through the use of Limited Purchase Orders, P-Card, or Petty Cash reimbursement.

Regardless of the use, a Certificate of Need is required from the New York State Department of Health.

Submit a Requisition through OSCAR marked Controlled Item, and attach a copy of the Certificate of Need.


Specialty gases not available through any of Rensselaer’s preferred source gas service agreements, or that must be purchased from another vendor due to other issues, must be ordered on a Requisition through OSCAR.

Using a Blanket Order:

Order product directly from the vendor.

When the invoice is received:

  • review for accuracy
  • generate a Receiving Report
  • attach invoice
  • forward to the Purchasing department

Using OSCAR:

Order product directly through the vendor catalog all charges will be processed using your P-Card.

Radioactive Materials

Radioactive materials may not be ordered via a Limited Purchase Order, P-Card, using Petty Cash, or any other method.

  • Submit a requisition through OSCAR
  • Select Radioactive Material as a Special Approval

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