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Blanket Order Purchases

A Blanket Purchase Order is an order that is placed with a vendor based upon the Blanket Purchase Agreement; this is the actual contract between the vendor and Rensselaer. A Blanket Purchase Agreement:

  • does not encumber funds
  • cannot exceed $100,000 over the term of the agreement
  • must be for a specified term, not to exceed five years in total

When practical, Blanket Purchase Agreements should be established with more than one (1) vendor providing the same commodity or service.

A completed requisition identifying the specific need, along with supporting documentation, must be submitted to Purchasing through the OSCAR eProcurement system, and must include:

  • a statement of commodities or services to be provided
  • individual purchase limitations
  • a listing of individuals authorized to purchase from the Blanket Purchase Agreement

The authority to commit Rensselaer to Blanket Purchase Agreement and/or a Blanket Purchase Order lies solely within the Purchasing department.

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