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Petty Cash

Petty cash transactions are intended for business purchases, and are not to exceed $50.00.

See the Petty Cash Manual for additional information.

Establishing a Petty Cash Fund

To request a Petty Cash fund, you must submit a memorandum to the Accounts Payable office including the following information:

  • Location of the fund (campus address)
  • Reason a fund is needed
  • Amount
  • Custodian (individual that assumes responsibility for the control of the cash)
  • Date
  • Supervisors name and Signature

A check will be made payable to the custodian, which can be cashed at the Bursar’s office.

Processing Petty Cash Transactions

Standard Petty Cash receipt forms should be filled out for an employee to be reimbursed.

Receipts supporting the expenses must be submitted and must include the following information:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Vendor
  • Description
  • Business Purpose
  • Charge To (FOAPAL)
  • Approved by (Custodian Signature)
  • Received by (Employee Signature)

If it is necessary to obtain funds prior to purchase, the requesting employee must fill out a Petty Cash receipt.  The custodian will retain the Petty Cash receipt until the employee submits a receipt for the supplies purchased.

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