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Limited Purchase Order (LPO)

A Limited Purchase Order (LPO) is a purchasing method that allows department personnel to order specific commodities that do not exceed $300 (including shipping and handling) directly. The use of an LPO must be authorized by the Purchasing department. LPO forms must be obtained from the Purchasing department.

To obtain Limited Purchase Order forms:

  • submit a request to the Purchasing department
  • Purchasing will issue pre-numbered LPOs with a Control Log sheet
  • reorders must be requested and accompanied with a completed LPO Control Log

Processing a Limited Purchase Order:

  • Complete all information on the LPO (instructions are on the reverse side of the form)
  • Distribute copies:
    • Original copy to vendor
    • Forward a copy to Accounts Payable
    • Keep one copy for the department file

Payment is made upon receipt of an invoice in Accounts Payable.

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