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Using Your P-Card for Travel

The Rensselaer travel policies are maintained by the Office of Finance. For more detailed information on the rules governing travel at Rensselaer, refer to Rensselaer's Travel Policy.

In order to use your P-Card for travel, you must first have authorization for your card.

The P-Card functions the same way your personal credit card functions. Each card is assigned spending limitations.

  • The department designates the maximum dollar amount allowed per transaction and per monthly cycle.

Travel Insurance

Rensselaer provides business travel insurance to all employees who are required to travel on Rensselaer business. Coverage is automatic. However, you should always be sure there is documentation in your office regarding the travel and that your term life insurance beneficiary form is current with Human Resources.

This policy provides you or your beneficiary up to $150,000 of insurance if you die by accidental means or suffer the loss of limb, sight, speech, or hearing while traveling on official Rensselaer business, except when the travel takes place in a private aircraft. Your beneficiary is the same beneficiary you designated for your Rensselaer sponsored term life insurance.

Travel is defined as a business trip that begins when you leave your home or work location and ends when you return to your work location or home. Everyday travel to or from your home or to your work location is not a “trip” and, therefore, is not covered under this policy.

Workers Compensation provides benefits to you if you are disabled as a result of an on-the-job injury or work-related illness. This benefit also applies to injuries incurred while traveling on Rensselaer business.

Travel Reconciliation

It is required that a T&E Expense Report be completed, properly authorized and reconciled to the Bank Statement of your card account.

For detailed travel and entertainment reconciliation please refer to the Travel and Entertainment Policy and Procedures (PDF).

Request for Reimbursement

All travel transactions must be recorded on a Travel and Entertainment Expense Report.

The traveler’s employee RIN number, department, destination and purpose of the trip must be referenced.

Rensselaer Purchase/Travel Card Charges

  • Receipts for ALL credit card charges must be maintained and submitted to your department for approval and record retention.
  • The personal portion of any expense must be listed in the column provided. No personal expenses will be reimbursed by Rensselaer.

Standard Mileage Rate

This rate applies to all business use. The standard mileage rate is adjusted periodically by the IRS, but not more often than annually. Questions regarding the standard mileage rate should be directed to Pamela A. Rochminski.

See Current and Past mileage rates.


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