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P-Card Limits & Exclusions

Spending Limits

A P-Card can have separate limits for purchase, travel and ATM/teller usage. There are some spending restrictions that have been imposed in conjunction with other Purchasing or Institute policies and procedures, or as a control to protect Rensselaer’s interest.

For Purchases
Dollar Amount per Transaction: Determined by individual department, but no greater than $2500
Unless authorized in writing by the appropriate cabinet member or dean, and approved by the President.
Orders exceeding $2,500 must be processed on a purchase requisition
Dollar Amount per Cycle: Amount determined by the department
Cycle time — one month ending on the 23rd
For Travel
Dollar Amount per Transaction: Determined by the department
Dollar Amount per Cycle: Determined by the department
For ATM/Teller services
One transaction per day
Maximum of $500.00 per day (unless authorized in writing by the President)
Variable Limits (bank “relocation” card)
A total dollar limit
A specified term/expiration date
Once the expiration date is met, or the total dollar amount on the card is met, the card is automatically suspended.

Purchase and Travel Spending Authority


The following goods and services may not be purchased using the P-Card:

  • Personal or Private Items
  • Personal Travel (reference Rensselaer’s Travel Policy)
  • Petty Cash, unless used for replenishment of an approved petty cash fund
  • Chemicals, unless ordered from Fisher Scientific, Krackler Scientific, VWR or Sigma-Aldrich and processed through the OSCAR online ordering system
  • Computer software, including off-the-shelf shrink wrapped software.
  • Non-Reimbursable Charges On Sponsored Research Funds (those beginning with A, B or F)
  • Medical Costs, unless authorized in writing by the Vice President of Human Resources
  • Legal Costs
  • Tuition Costs (reference Human Resources Tuition Policy)
  • Prepaid Calling Cards (an Institute phone card can be obtained by contacting the Networking & Communications Office).
  • Maintenance and Lease Agreements or any expenditure that requires a contractual commitments
  • Unless a purchase order has been processed through the Purchasing department that specifies P-Card as the payment method
  • Services (unless authorized by the Purchasing department)
  • Live Animals
  • Printing Services (unless authorized by the division of Strategic Communications & External Relations)

Restrictions governed by the Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual:

  • Alcohol: Ethanol/Ethyl (4.1)
  • Radioactive Material (4.5)
  • Independent Contractors/Consultants (4.11)
  • Insurance (4.6)
  • Narcotics, Syringes and Needles (4.2, 4.3)
  • Duty Free Entry (4.9)
  • Changes, modifications or alterations to an existing order

Purchase Only Spending Authority

The following additional restrictions apply:

  • Cash Advances
  • Transportation: (airlines, trains, buses, auto rentals, boats or any type of commuter transportation)
  • Travel Agencies
  • Restaurants/hotels, motels, package stores
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Business Entertainment

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