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P-Card Training

Training for the use of the P-Card is available online using TrainCaster. TrainCaster is a Web-based online learning management system for employees of Rensselaer. The TrainCaster system can be accessed from any Web browser, and courses can be taken at your convenience.

To access the P-Card course, go to: www.rpi.traincaster.com. The name of the course is: Purchase/Travel Card Training-(Web).

If you have never taken a TrainCaster course, your initial login information will be your Rensselaer ID Number (RIN) used for both the User Name and Password. You should change your Traincaster password once you are logged in.

If you have taken other TrainCaster courses, use that login information. If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Login Information?" link on the login page. The system will prompt you for your e-mail address and automatically send your login information to the e-mail address you supply.

If you have other questions or problems related to the use of TrainCaster, send e-mail to Will Fahey.

Outreach Department Training

The Purchasing department offers additional, on-site training at your location.  These sessions offer a more intimate setting and allow for more department-specific questions.  Please contact the P-Card administrator, Craig McIntosh, if you would like to schedule a training session for your department.

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