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Procurement Services


Procurement Advisory Council (PAC)

In an effort to solicit routine feedback and direct future initiatives of the Procurement Services Department, we have decided to convene a standing committee we are calling the Procurement Advisory Council (PAC).  PAC members have been nominated by their peers in Procurement Services based on the scope of their responsibility here at Rensselaer, their past contributions to key Institute initiatives, and their regular involvement with our Department.

Procurement Services is undergoing a transformation from tactical purchasing to strategic sourcing.  The rebranding of our Department from “Purchasing” to “Procurement Services” is testament to this initiative.  Through this process, our goal is to better identify and harness the Institute's buying power using data analytics and then partner with key preferred suppliers to leverage our spend.  Our aim is that this strategic approach will result in augmented supplier relations, product and service availability to campus and increased cost savings to the Institute. 

Partnership with campus is critical to our successful transformation.  And that's where the PAC comes in!  We are committed to improving current procedures and forging new ways to source and procure the products and services you and your colleagues require.  The PAC members have been specifically nominated as a representative of their portfolio, school or department to provide input in this process. 

PAC Members:

  • Don Ammerman
  • Jason Barclay
  • Rose Boshoff
  • Karyl Contois
  • Nicole Durrick
  • Silvia Edmonds
  • Francine Fredette
  • Karen Funk
  • Tina Geren
  • Helen Grzymala
  • Karen Hansen
  • Karl Lampson
  • Edwina McCormick
  • Martha McElligott
  • Brandon Mennillo
  • Tasha Neaton
  • Sue Palluti
  • Betsy Preston
  • Jill Quinones
  • Jeanette Raptoulis
  • Tanya Rautine
  • Lori Robichaud
  • Pamela Rochminski
  • Jeffrey Ross
  • Vedo Schweitzer
  • Candice Sherman
  • Ed Staats
  • Kathleen Stebbins
  • Donna Tomlinson
  • Jackie Turner
  • Caitlin Watts

The first PAC meeting was held on February 15, 2013. Our intention is that the PAC will meet quarterly to discuss key initiatives in Procurement. We will post the upcoming schedule for the next three meetings to this site. In the event that any issues or suggestions for upcoming meeting agendas arise, please feel free to forward them to a PAC member or to Rachael Kruse.

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