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Procurement Services


Procure to Pay (P2P) Project

This site will be used to post the latest updates, training materials and communications related to the P2P project. Please reference this page and the P2P FAQ's whenever you have a question related to the project. If you do not find what you need here please email your question to procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu.

Change to Invoice Process Effective March 10th:
Invoices from the Digital Mailroom began routing to OSCAR on March 10th.  You will receive an email and a notification for each invoice.  If you would prefer to change your email preferences you may do so in your OSCAR profile (for instructions on how to do this please refer page 9 of the Phoenix Interface Walkthrough Guide here: Phoenix Interface Walkthrough Guide

Common Inovice Processing Questions/Reminders:

  • Importance of comments on an invoice that is returned to you:
    Please be sure to read the "Comments" tab on an invoice that has been returned to you.  If an invoice has been returned to you it requires additional action to be taken by you as the invoice owner. If you have questions on what action to take you can use the comment feature to respond to the original comment or you can send your question to procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu and please be sure to include the invoice document number.
  • Do not send Microsoft Excel documents to the Digital Mailroom for processing - they are unable to read them. Please be sure to communicate this to any supplier sending invoices this way, and if you send any directly to the mailroom please convert them to a PDF or MS Word file before sending. We have a MS Word invoice template that suppliers can use as well located here: http://www.rpi.edu/dept/purchasing/forms/Blank_Invoice_Template.doc
  • Rejecting Duplicate Invoices: If you have a duplicate invoice that you need to reject, please remember to put an "R" in front of the supplier invoice number BEFORE you reject it. This will prevent you from still getting the duplicate invoice number error when you go to process the other invoice.
  • Correcting the "Values have been overridden" error: This error is referring to FOAPAL data on the invoice not matching. The most common issue is that the product location value on one of the lines does not match the value on the header. To correct this click the "view/edit by line item" link in the lower right hand corner of the FOAPAL section on the buyer invoice tab and make sure the product location values match.

AMEX Payment Solutions:
If you receive questions from Suppliers regarding the new AMEX payment solutions please route them to Ron Moraski at x8439, or Pam Rochminski at x6848. The letters that were sent to suppliers regarding the new payment solutions can be found below.

Training Library:


All other Questions:
In an effort to respond to your questions in the most efficient way possible please send them to them to procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu.