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Procurement Services



OSCAR Broadcast Messages:

Important Year End Reminders:

Orders & Deliveries:
The Institution will close on Friday December 21st and re-open on Wednesday January 2nd.  During that time, no deliveries will be made.  We have told our carriers (primarily UPS and FedEx) to hold all deliveries during this time. 

Please be aware of lead times on items from your suppliers and look to limit anything arriving during that time, especially if anything could perish.

Deliveries will resume on Wednesday January 2nd.

For any payments needed prior to the Holiday Break, approvals must be completed by close of business on Tuesday, December 18th.

Update on Transportation Services Master Agreements:

Procurement Services has awarded new 3-year Master Agreements for Transportation Services to the following preferred suppliers:
  • Yankee Trails (coaches, charters)
  • Northeast Shuttle (shuttle buses)
  • Premiere Transportation (limo/car service)
  • Durham School Services (school buses)
Please contact these suppliers for your transportation needs.  Each supplier has provided Rensselaer with the automobile insurance necessary to do business with the Institute.  If one of the preferred suppliers cannot meet your need, please contact Procurement Services to identify certified alternatives. 

For additional information, please reference the Contract Page for each supplier.  Please contact Nicole Runyon at  runyon@rpi.edu with any questions.

Web Accessibility:

Rensselaer is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities have equal access to information, programs, and activities through its information technologies, web pages, web-based applications, operating system-based applications, online instructional content, services, and resources (“electronic information technology” or “EIT”) for all its constituencies.  Rensselaer has adopted widely accepted international and national accessibility standards and guidelines in order to ensure compliance with its commitment and to federal laws and regulations.  The Institute’s Web Accessibility Policy applies to all official Institute electronic and information technology (EIT) used to conduct core Institute academic and business activities.  This includes all such webpages regardless of where hosted, by whom they were developed, nor whether they are found within the Rensselaer Internet domain name space (rpi.edu). 

It is Rensselaer’s responsibility to verify whether purchase requests for EIT meet these standards for Web Accessibility.  A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT™) is a document from a supplier that explains how that supplier’s product conforms to these standards.  If you are obtaining a quote or quotes for any product or service with an online component, please ask the supplier to provide a VPAT along with your quote.  The VPAT should be version 2.0 or newer.  Please attach the VPAT to the requisition in OSCAR along with the supplier’s quote.  We have added a Web Accessibility approval review step into the requisition workflow that will review the VPAT.
If you have any questions, please contact Procurement_Support@rpi.edu.


Information Technology products from over 1,000 manufacturers, including Apple.  The full CDWG PunchOut catalog is now available with e-invoicing for all OSCAR users.  For more information, please visit the CDWG Contract Page under Rensselaer Preferred and Marketplace Suppliers here


Laboratory Cold Storage equipment and solutions including refrigeration and cryogenic storage now available for shopping in LabRepCo’s hosted catalog in OSCAR.  For more information, please contact Geoff Mielke at 276-8692 or mielkg@rpi.edu.  Contract Page to follow.

Grainger Contract offerings broadened! 

More categories of MRO products now available with deeper discounts (5-35% off Contract Reference Price).

Xerox Update:
If you have Xerox equipment and need assistance,  please note that our new sales representative is: 
Stephen McConochy, Stephen.mcconochy@xerox.com, cell 315-546-5248.

CDWG coming the OSCAR Marketplace, Monday 8/27
Procurement Services announces its new contract with CDW Government (“CDWG”) as Preferred Supplier for information technology products from over 1,000 brand-name manufacturers.  The 4-year CDWG Master Agreement is a competitively bid contract awarded in collaboration with E&I Cooperative Services and offers a wealth of possibilities available for campus technology needs, including Apple product needs. 

For further information, you can access the CDWG Contract Page here or contact Kim Ragosta at ragosk@rpi.edu

Chemical Management System Live

As previously communicated, Rensselaer’s new Chemical Management Program will be live this Monday, 8/13.  Effective Monday, all laboratory chemicals will only be available for ordering and searching through the “Chemicals” tile in the OSCAR marketplace.  All orders placed from then on will be routed through our new Central Receiving function where each container will be labeled with a unique bar code, scanned, systemically added to inventory, then physically delivered to the respective lab or labs.  When using the system for the first time, it will prompt you to select your primary lab location.  (If you have additional lab locations, you can designate them as well.)  

For reference, the training and our quick reference guide is posted here.

If you have any immediate questions or issues related to the program, please direct them to Procurement_Support@rpi.edu

For hands-on help with orders, we have established two “workshop sessions” available next week:

  • Tuesday, August 14 at 12-2pm in Cogswell 238
  • Wednesday, August 15 at 12-2pm in Polymer 1301

We will communicate any updates or frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) as they become available next week.

REMINDER - Request for Printing Services:
All requests for printing services must go through OSCAR as a requisition, subject to review by Creative Services in accordance with Procurement Services Policies and Procedures and the Rensselaer Brand-in-Action guidelines.  A purchase order must be issued prior to printing services being performed by the supplier.  Reprints and/or rush jobs are not exceptions to this policy.  Orders through the Dupli Punch-Out do not require prior approval from Creative Services since the templates have already been approved.  Questions can be directed to Linda Cook at x2156 or cookl@rpi.edu.

Updated Procurement Policies & Procedures:

Procurement Services has posted its revised/updated Policies and Procedures to the main page on our website, or you can follow this link to the searchable PDF document.  We’ve added a number of new sections, specifically an Introduction, a Table of Contents, and Definitions, as well as bringing the Procurement Procedures up to date.  You will also see Sections 4 and 5 broken out into Requisitions Requiring Special Approval and Special Procurements, respectively.

These Policies and Procedures, as updated July 2018, replace the existing Purchasing Policies and Procedures.  If you have the old version bookmarked or if you use it as a reference in your department, please be sure to update your browser and materials accordingly.

Please contact procurement_support@rpi.edu with any questions.


July 27th - New Marketplace Supplier - GenScript USA

Procurement Services introduces GenScript USA as a new Marketplace Supplier as of July 27, 2018.  GenScript offers expression and synthesis services for genes, proteins, antibodies and peptides.  For further contract information, please refer to the GenScript Contract Page here.  Questions about GenScript’s contract or the PunchOut catalog can be directed to Geoff Mielke in Procurement Services.June 30th Updates:

New Promotional Products Master Agreements with Rensselaer Announced
Procurement Services is pleased to announce the award of a five-year Master Pricing Agreement for Promotional Products effective immediately.  4imprint, Inc., Adirondack Ad Specialties, Awards by Walsh’s & Creative Marketing, Broadway Marketing, The Idea Works of NY, and Wicked Smart, LLC are the Institute’s new preferred suppliers of promotional products.

The Master Pricing Agreements were competitively awarded through Procurement Services’ bid process.  The awarded suppliers are in full compliance with the Institute’s Brand in Action initiative as well as Procurement Policies.
More information including ordering procedures and supplier contact information can be found here

June 26th Updates:

Concur Profile request forms:
Beginning on Monday, June 25th requests for new Concur profiles will be submitted through a form in OSCAR. There will be three different forms:

  • Faulty/Staff
  • Students
  • Guests

If you have folks who have been submitting the paper Concur profile forms that do not have access to OSCAR, you can submit a “New OSCAR User” request form and choose “Forms Request Only” to have an account created for them.  If you have any questions regarding this announcement please contact Travel-Expense_Support@rpi.edu

IT Security/Web Accessibility approval:
Procurement Services has implemented a new approval into the OSCAR requisition workflow for all non-catalog software and software-related commodities.  This approval will couple the IT Security review and the Web Accessibility review aspect of software-based and related procurements.  The approval will occur after Financial Approval and prior to the SSM Review.  These approvals will be reviewed and approved by a member of the DotCIO team.

The IT Security/Web Accessibility approval is an automatic step in the non-catalog requisition workflow and is driven based on commodity code.  The commodity codes subject to this approval include:
Software                                              20554
Books & Subscription Services            71510
Ticket Systems & Solutions                  86000
eProcurement                                       92014
IT Consulting                                        92020
Software Maintenance & Support        92045
Educational & Training Services           92400
Library Services                                     95600
Electronic Database Subscriptions        95660
Website Design and Development       96426
Procurement Services may add other codes to this list in the future, as necessary.  Requisitions that fall outside of the listed commodity areas may be subject to IT Security/Web Accessibility review as well.  The sourcing manager/agent assigned to your requisition will determine when such review is needed.
If you have any questions, please contact Procurement_Support@rpi.edu

Individual/Sole Proprietor or Single Member LLC Supplier Class in OSCAR:

Procurement Services has created a new icon in OSCAR for suppliers that have been verified as an Individual/Sole Proprietor or Single Member LLC.  The icon is in the shape of a person and is green.  If you are submitting a requisition for services to a supplier with this supplier class, the order is subject to review by Human Resources via the Independent Contractor Special Approver.  Each time you hire an Individual/Sole Proprietor or Single Member LLC, you must attach an “HR Economic Realities Test” that has been completed by the Principal Investigator or Supervisor and attached to the requisition along with evidence of the supplier’s self-employment (for example, a screen shot of a web page or copy of a business card).  This helps determine whether the individual is an Independent Contractor or Employee for IRS purposes.   In addition, a completed Independent Contractor Agreement must be attached to the requisition.  The Department completes pages 1-2 and adds the Scope of Work as Exhibit A; individual to be hired reviews and signs.  Procurement Services will execute the Independent Contractor Agreement on behalf of Rensselaer.  Both the Economic Realities Test and Independent Contractor Agreement are available on Procurement Services’ website under “Forms”.  For further explanation, please see the presentation by the Division of Human Resources and Procurement Services on Independent Contractors from the September 20, 2017 Business Manager meeting on Procurement’s website here.

June 7th, Dupli Update 
The templates on the Dupli punch out have been updated to reflect the current Rensselaer Brand.  Stock on hand can be used until depleted.   Questions can be directed to Linda Cook at  cookl@rpi.edu 

Crystal Rock has been acquired by DS Services of America, Inc.  As a result, our email address for questions and equipment requests has been changed to vipcrystal@dsservices.com.  When requesting equipment please include location number 17755398 in the request.  Our deliveries are still being made by the Halfmoon, NY operations center.  We will keep you updated on any other changes as they occur.    If you have any questions please call the sourcing manager, Linda Cook at x2156. 

Tuition Remission Forms - Now in OSCAR:

The Tuition Benefit Remission Request form has been transitioned to OSCAR.  There are two forms, one for attending courses at Rensselaer, and one for attending courses at an Institution outside of Rensselaer.  For instructions on how to use the new forms please click here.  For more information on the Tuition Remission benefit please review the Rensselaer Benefits guide here.  For any additional questions regarding the new forms please contact procurement_support@rpi.edu

Suppliers with Special Ordering Instructions:

Procurement Services has updated the list of suppliers that have special ordering instructions associated with them. Suppliers that fall into this category will have an icon that looks like a cardboard box next to their name.  For details please see the document under the “Helpful Links” section on OSCAR’s home screen titled  Special Ordering Instructions.


4/23/2018 - Lease Special Approvers

Lease Special Approver:
PLEASE NOTE:  When processing a Requisition that includes ANY type of lease, please be sure to check the “Lease” special approver checkbox.  If the lease involves Real Estate, you must also check the “Real Estate (Leases)” special approver checkbox as well.  So, if you have a requisition for a Real Estate Lease, you should be checking at least two boxes.


4/23/2018 - Invoice Updates & Special Ordering Instructions

Invoice Reminders:
If you receive an invoice that is not yours, PLEASE DO NOT REJECT it. If you know who it belongs to please forward it to that person.  If you are not sure who it belongs to, please email invoices@rpi.edu to see if we can figure out who to route it to.  Once an invoice is rejected, we cannot do anything with it. 

If you are rejecting an invoice because it is a duplicate or should not be paid, please remember to put an "R" at the beginning of the Supplier Invoice number to indicate that it is being rejected.  This will allow payment when there is a duplicate with the same Supplier Invoice number.

Suppliers with Special Ordering Instructions                                  
Procurement Services has updated the list of suppliers that have special ordering instructions associated with them. Suppliers that fall into this category will have an icon that looks like a cardboard box next to their name.  For details please see the document under the “Helpful Links” section on OSCAR’s home screen titled  Special Ordering Instructions.

3/30/2018 - Tantaquidgeon PunchOut No Longer Available

Effective March 30, 2018 the Tantaquidgeon punch-out will no longer be available.  All orders placed through March 30th will be fulfilled.  After March 30th, all orders can be placed through the standard requisition process in OSCAR.   Questions can be directed to Linda Cook, x2156 or cookl@rpi.edu


2/13/2018 - Office Depot Punchout Update

Office Depot has added the following Ergotron sit-stand products to the punch out catalog:

WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, Sku 347951, $389.00
WorkFit-TL- Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, Sku 2M4240, $399.00
WorkFit Single Monitor Kit, Sku 622007, $98.50
WorkFit Dual Monitor Kit, Sku 948783, $130.25


1/29/2017 - The Lowe's Punchout Update

The Lowe's punchout site has been re-vamped!  It is now much more user friendly and utilizes the same platform as their regular website.  A major new feature is that orders will now be pulled and ready for you when you get to the store.

If you experience any issues with the Lowe's punchout, please contact Nicole Runyon and/or Jeff White 


1/26/2017 - New OSCAR User Training - Friday, January 26th
10am-12pm - 5th Floor of the Proctor's Building- 90 4th Street

If you would like to attend the New OSCAR User training session please email Procurement_Support@rpi.edu to register.  

**Please note our new email address.  For all procurement and OSCAR inquiries, please email Procurement_Support@rpi.edu we will be retiring Procurement_Support@lists.rpi.edu in the near future.**


1/10/2017 - Procurement Support Update!

Happy New Year! Please note that the Procurement Support email address has changed.  We have dropped the "lists" part of the address. Going forward please send all Procurement Support email to Procurement_Support@rpi.edu

REMINDER: Invoice forwarding
Please send any requests to have an invoice forwarded to invoices@lists.rpi.edu

Thank you!

9/28/2017 Personal Reimbursement Requests:
This Form is intended to replace the REQUEST and APPROVAL for a personal reimbursement through an email to Procurement.  It does not replace the need to actually submit for the reimbursement in CONCUR.   The Personal Reimbursement Form is to be used when all other means of procurement have been exhausted.  Please remember to provide detailed attachments when entering your Form request.  This is a required step in the reimbursement request process. The request for reimbursement should be made PRIOR to the purchase being made.  All personal reimbursement requests are subject to the Institute’s procurement policies and procedures.  Depending on the nature of the request, it may require additional review by departments other than Procurement Services (i.e. Legal, Export Control, etc.).  For additional details, please see the document found here.

9/27/2017 New Supplier Requests:
New Suppliers are defined as a supplier we have never done business with before, or have not issued payment to in the past 24 months.  All New Supplier requisitions must contain the name, phone, fax and a valid contact person along with an email address.  New Supplier requests are required to have a formal “all-in” quote attached to the requisition here.  If this information is not provided, the requisition will be returned to you for editing.  Please remember to title your requisition using the name of the New Supplier.

9/26/2017 Independent Contractors: 
The presentation by the Division of Human Resources and Procurement Services on Independent Contractors from the September 20, 2017 Business Manager meeting is now available on Procurement’s website  here .  Please feel free to use this presentation to help clarify when the Independent Contractor review process is needed.  If you have any questions on the presentation, please refer to the contact information included in the slides. 

9/26/2017: vPay Requisitions: 

All vPay requisitions require a formal “all-in” quote from the supplier.  A formal “all-in” quote contains line item detail, pricing, shipping and handling charges, etc.  Please note a screenshot is not an acceptable form of a formal “all-in” quote.  Please see a copy of an acceptable "all-in" quote  here .  Your requisition will be returned if one is not provided.  For additional information on the vPay program, please see the document  here .

9/22/2017 - New Punch-out Supplier:  roi Office Interiors:

roi Office Interiors is now enabled as a new marketplace as of Friday, September 22, 2017.  roi is a furniture distributor offering office chairs, tables, desks and other furniture solutions for offices, labs, residence areas, and more.  roi offers a variety of manufacturers, featuring Teknion as their premiere furniture brand.  For more information on roi Office Interiors, please review their contract page here and visit the punchout to browse their offered products! 

9/18/2017: UPDATE -  Change to Requisition Workflow 
Beginning on Monday, September 18th, the Requisition workflow in OSCAR will be updated to route by ORG and dollar amount instead of by the Financial Approver on the Requestor's profile. If multiple ORGs are used on a Requisition it will route to the Financial Approver assigned to each ORG for the corresponding dollar amount.  This change will eliminate the need to use “HM Split” when cost sharing is required for ORGs that you may not have access to post to today.  If you have any questions regarding this change please contact Kelli Perry.

9/5/2017: New Marketplace Supplier:
Procurement Services introduces Bio-Rad Laboratories as a new Marketplace Supplier as of September 5th, 2017.  Bio-Rad offers a wide range of instruments, software, consumables, reagents, and content for the growing fields of cell biology, gene expression, protein purification, protein quantitation, drug discovery and manufacture, food safety, and science education.  For further contract information, please refer to the Bio-Rad Contract Page here.  Questions about Bio-Rad’s contract or the punch out catalog can be directed to Geoff Mielke in Procurement Services.

9/1/2017: Independent Contractor Forms:
Please take note that the Independent Contractor Agreement available on Procurement’s website and required for all Independent Contractor requisitions has been updated and is now dated August 10, 2017.  It includes the revised set of Rensselaer’s General Terms and Conditions dated August, 2017.  If you have already submitted requisitions using the former Independent Contractor Agreement, they will be processed.  However, please use the new Agreement for all new requests as of today’s date.

8/16/20 Update: Suppliers with Special Ordering Instructions                                  
Procurement Services has created a new icon for suppliers that have special ordering instructions that the end users should be aware of prior to placing an order.  Suppliers that fall into this category will have an icon that looks like a cardboard box next to their name.  For details please see the document under the “Helpful Links” section on OSCAR’s home screen titled  Special Ordering Instructions.

7/28/2017 New Mailing Services Master Agreements with Rensselaer Announced
 Procurement Services is pleased to announce the award of a five-year Master Pricing Agreement for Mailing Services effective July 12, 2017.  Commercial Mailing & Printing Service, Inc. (CMPS), Sentron Associates Inc., and PJ Green Inc. will be the Institute’s new preferred suppliers of mailing services.

The Master Pricing Agreements were awarded under the Institute’s new Procure-to-Pay Enhancement Project that is charged with streamlining the campus-wide buying and supplier payment process and leveraging the Institute’s buying power to reduce the cost of products and services required by our departments.
Click here for more information including ordering procedures and supplier contact information.
If the link is not available you can copy and paste the following URL into your browser.

7/25/2017 UPDATESigma Aldrich 
Please be advised that DEA list and schedule graded chemicals are now restricted from the Sigma Aldrich punch-out.  In order to buy these items from this supplier, a non-catalog requisition is needed.  For any questions regarding this change, please reach out to Geoff Mielke or Tiffany Bolduc.

6/16/2017 UPDATE Regarding Moveable Equipment Purchase Orders/Requisitions:
Please note that purchase orders in OSCAR will no longer fail due to mixing assets.  The mixing assets error had occurred in Banner when capitalized and non-capitalized account codes were entered on the same requisition, preventing issuance of a single purchase order containing those accounts.  Finance has removed the expenditure vs. capital equipment conflict in Banner that triggered the need to have two separate purchase orders. 
Capitalized and non-capitalized equipment and/or supplies can now be combined on one requisition to a supplier, effective June 9, 2017. The Asset Management Special Approver must be checked on any requisition containing capitalized equipment and/or component parts.

6/14/2017 UPDATE to Independent Contractor Agreement:
Please take note that the Independent Contractor Agreement available on Procurement’s website and required for all Independent Contractor requisitions has been updated and is now dated June 12, 2017.  It includes new language outlining intellectual property ownership as well as Rensselaer’s adherence to accessibility standards.  If you have already submitted requisitions using the former Independent Contractor Agreement, they will be processed.  However, please use the new Agreement beginning on June 14, 2017.  

6/12/2017 UPDATE to Independent Contractor Form:
Please take note that the HR Independent Contractor Test available on Procurement’s website and required for all Independent Contractor requisitions has been updated and is now entitled “HR Economic Realities Test”.  If you have already submitted requisitions using the former test, they will be processed.  However, please use the HR Economic Realities test beginning on June 13, 2017.  As a reminder, this test is to be completed by the Principal Investigator or Supervisor and helps determine whether the individual is an Independent Contractor or Employee for IRS purposes.

Reminder: Procurement Fiscal Year End Procedures

  • All Fiscal 17 requisitions must be received by Procurement no later than noon on Monday, June 5th.
  • OSCAR Marketplace requisitons for Fiscal 17 can continue to be placed, so long as orders are invoiced by June 30th.
  • If you are placing orders for Fiscal 18 please be sure to include that information in the internal notes section of the Requisition.

If you have any questions, please contact procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu

Issue with Google Chrome Resolved:
There was an issue with using some of the punch out suppliers earlier this week when using Google Chrome.  This issue has now been resolved.  Please contact Procurement Support if you continue to have any trouble using OSCAR in Google Chrome.

5/8/2017 Update - Office Depot/Remanufactured toner initiative:

Office Depot together with Procurement Services has launched the remanufactured toner initiative to provide cost savings when purchasing toner cartridges through the punch-out.  This initiative will result in approximately a 30% savings over the national brand cartridges in the form of dollars or higher page yield and will not void your equipment warranty. 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Effective Monday, May 8, 2017 Office Depot will auto sub your OEM cartridge with an Office Depot branded cartridge. 

The punch-out will alert you that an alternative stocked product is being added to your cart.  If this does not occur, an alternative stocked product may not be available, call or email Sheri Huff at 222-6923 or sheri.huff@office depot.com to confirm.  Questions can be directed to Linda Cook, x2156 or cookl@rpi.edu

5/3/2017 Update - Contractual Documents & Insurance Requirements:
If you have any contractual documents from a supplier that require signature, they MUST be attached to a Requisition (and not as a Direct Pay) and submitted through the proper approvals in OSCAR.   In addition, any suppliers performing services for Rensselaer or providing transportation services for Rensselaer shall provide and maintain insurance to indemnify Rensselaer.  Be sure to check the “Services – Insurance Required” Special Approver on any requisition where a Supplier will be performing services or transportation services.
If you have any questions regarding either topic please email procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu

4/18/2017 Office Depot Update:
our Environmental Health & Safety department has identified acceptable power strips/surge protectors and portable heaters in the Office Depot punch-out that meet fire safety regulations.  They are identified on the punch-out as “Available for Purchase”.  Items that are not acceptable are identified as “Restricted Item”.  For quick reference, a shopping list titled “Environmental Health” has been created under the “My Lists” tab.  Questions can be directed to Linda Cook at cookl@rpi.edu.


Dupli Update Regarding Nametags: 
Rensselaer nametags, formerly ordered through the Rensselaer Collegiate Store, should now be ordered through the Dupli punch-out.   To order through the punch-out, click on the tab titled “Engraved Items”.   Questions can be directed to Linda Cook at cookl@rpi.edu

REMINDER regarding invoices:
Please do not reject invoices that do not belong to you.  You must comment to Invoices@lists.rpi.edu so AP can forward to the appropriate owner. When an invoice is rejected there is no way to recover it.  

New OSCAR User Request form:
Your request to add an OSCAR user can now be submitted utilizing the “OSCAR New User Request” form in the marketplace. If you have any questions please contact us at procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu.

New Punch-out Supplier:

SHI is enabled as a new marketplace supplier beginning Monday, November 28th.  SHI supplies IT software to education institutions across the United States.  As an authorized reseller for all major software publishers, SHI has forged great business relationships with the manufacturers who create products for the education market, so that they better service the needs of Higher Education customers.  For more information on SHI's please review their contract page here.

UPDATE: Forwarding Invoices
Beginning on Monday, November 21, you will no longer have the ability to forward invoices.  

The “Department Approver” step that is available on the Requisition is now also available on the invoice.  If you have been forwarding invoices to have someone else review, you should now use the “Department Approver” field to route the invoice to that person.  This is an optional workflow step.  Please contact procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu if the person you need to route the invoice to is not available as a “Department Approver”.

If you receive an invoice as the “invoice owner” that does not belong to you, please comment out to invoices@lists.rpi.edu with who the invoice should be forwarded to. 

If you are an approver and have an invoice in your “Approval” queue that you do not think you should be an approver on, please “return” the invoice to the invoice owner with a comment.  Instructions for how to return an invoice can be found here.

Creative Services review:
Please note that the "Creative Services" special approver checkbox should be selected on a Requisition for the following:

"If your project requires use of Rensselaer’s logo, approval is required by Strategic Communications & External Relations for brand review.  Attach artwork if available.  If artwork is not available at this time, annotate the reason why in the Internal Note.  You will be required to provide the final artwork before the project goes to print. This does not apply to items ordered from the Dupli punch out as the template has been pre-approved."

The description available in OSCAR for this special approver option has been updated to reflect the statement above.  If a Requisition for a project that should have been reviewed by Creative Services reaches Procurement without the proper review, it will be returned to the Requisitioner. Please contact procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu if you have any questions.