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Procurement Services



OSCAR Broadcast Messages:

Dupli Update Regarding Nametags: 
Rensselaer nametags, formerly ordered through the Rensselaer Collegiate Store, should now be ordered through the Dupli punch-out.   To order through the punch-out, click on the tab titled “Engraved Items”.   Questions can be directed to Linda Cook at cookl@rpi.edu

REMINDER regarding invoices:
Please do not reject invoices that do not belong to you.  You must comment to Invoices@lists.rpi.edu so AP can forward to the appropriate owner. When an invoice is rejected there is no way to recover it.  

New OSCAR User Request form:
Your request to add an OSCAR user can now be submitted utilizing the “OSCAR New User Request” form in the marketplace. If you have any questions please contact us at procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu.

New Punch-out Supplier:

SHI is enabled as a new marketplace supplier beginning Monday, November 28th.  SHI supplies IT software to education institutions across the United States.  As an authorized reseller for all major software publishers, SHI has forged great business relationships with the manufacturers who create products for the education market, so that they better service the needs of Higher Education customers.  For more information on SHI's please review their contract page here.

UPDATE: Forwarding Invoices
Beginning on Monday, November 21, you will no longer have the ability to forward invoices.  

The “Department Approver” step that is available on the Requisition is now also available on the invoice.  If you have been forwarding invoices to have someone else review, you should now use the “Department Approver” field to route the invoice to that person.  This is an optional workflow step.  Please contact procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu if the person you need to route the invoice to is not available as a “Department Approver”.

If you receive an invoice as the “invoice owner” that does not belong to you, please comment out to invoices@lists.rpi.edu with who the invoice should be forwarded to. 

If you are an approver and have an invoice in your “Approval” queue that you do not think you should be an approver on, please “return” the invoice to the invoice owner with a comment.  Instructions for how to return an invoice can be found here.

Creative Services review:
Please note that the "Creative Services" special approver checkbox should be selected on a Requisition for the following:

"If your project requires use of Rensselaer’s logo, approval is required by Strategic Communications & External Relations for brand review.  Attach artwork if available.  If artwork is not available at this time, annotate the reason why in the Internal Note.  You will be required to provide the final artwork before the project goes to print. This does not apply to items ordered from the Dupli punch out as the template has been pre-approved."

The description available in OSCAR for this special approver option has been updated to reflect the statement above.  If a Requisition for a project that should have been reviewed by Creative Services reaches Procurement without the proper review, it will be returned to the Requisitioner. Please contact procurement_support@lists.rpi.edu if you have any questions.