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Rensselaer Department of Public Safety
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Office Safety:
Faculty & Staff Members’ Roles

While everyone here at Rensselaer has a basic responsibility for his/her own personal safety, faculty and staff members have an increased level of responsibility.

Personal Safety

  • Stairwells and Out-of-the way Corridors: Don’t use the stairs or out-of-the-way corridors alone.
  • Elevators: Don’t get into elevators with people who look out of place or behave in a strange or threatening manner. If you find yourself in an elevator with someone who makes you feel uneasy, get off as soon as possible.
  • Restrooms: Be extra cautious when using restrooms that are isolated or poorly lighted.
  • After Hours: Don’t walk alone late at night. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation. Call Public Safety at extension 6656 for a safety escort.
  • Parking Lots or Garages: Always lock your car and roll the windows up all the way. Park in a well-lighted area. If you notice any strangers hanging around the parking lot/garage, notify Public Safety.

    When you approach your car, have your car key ready in your hand. Check the floor, front and back seats, before getting in. Lock your door as soon as you get in — before you buckle your seat belt.

Prevent Crime in the Office

Use your keys, access card/codes properly:

  • Never share them with anyone.
  • Don’t place personal identification on your key rings.
  • Keep your personal keys and your office keys on separate rings.
  • Report lost key rings and access card immediately.

Office Theft

  • Keep your purse or wallet with you or lock them in a drawer or closet.
  • Keep track of serial numbers of any personal items and mark them with your name or initial (i.e., radio).
  • Keep coat racks away from entrances/exits to minimize temptation.
  • Don’t leave your office unattended. Lock it.
  • Have your phone fowarded to another person’s office or to voice mail.
  • Don’t advertise your social life or vacation plans. Be discreet.
  • Report any lighting deficiencies, broken windows or broken doorlocks to the Facilities Customer Service Center, through the FIXX system *.
  • Exercise caution when repair personnel show up to work on, replace, or remove office/laboratory equipment. Ask to see some identification and a work order.
  • Never leave a repair person alone.
  • Don’t allow repairs to security or communication equipment without verifying a written order from the appropriate supervising office.

Computer Security

  • Secure computers with a security cable locking device.
  • Memorize passwords.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Have a back-up system for use when a co-worker is on leave or moves to a new job.
  • Make sure confidential files are secure at all times.
  • Secure diskettes and CDs in locked cabinets.
  • Never load “outside” software unless you have permission and when you do, be sure the program is checked for viruses.

A safe workplace starts with you.

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