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Emergency Phone
Remember: There are Emergency telephones all across campus.
Reporting an Incident

What is an incident?

Any situation that leads to concern about your personal safety is considered a safety incident.

The following are examples of incidents:

  • Near misses that could have resulted in an injury.
  • Minor injuries that do not require medical attention.
  • Injuries that require first aid.
  • Injuries that require medical attention beyond first aid.
  • Property damage resulting from an unsafe act or unsafe condition that may or may not have resulted in injury.

What do l do if I have had a safety incident that requires immediate medical attention?

Call the Department of Public Safety at 276-6611.

A public saftey officer officer will respond to assist you and will request Troy Fire Department paramedics if necessary. When appropriate, you will be transported to a local hospital for follow-up care.

Faculty and Staff: Contact HR whether your incident required medical attention or not.

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