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RPI Guardian

What is it?

RPI Guardian is a free, opt-in service that is available to anyone with a valid RIN number and RCS account. This is NOT an active GPS system that allows DPS to track you upon registration. No data, including GPS, is or ever can be shared under any circumstances unless you call RPI Guardian.

Registering for RPI Guardian

Registering for RPI Guardian is quick, easy and free!

Visit, and log in using your RCS account.

You must register a phone number to use RPI Guardian. Once you enter your phone number, you will be asked to enter a confirmation code that will be sent to the phone number you provided via text message.

Then, choose a unique PIN number and agree to the terms and conditions and you'll be fully registered to use RPI Guardian. All information that you provide is 100% optional and can only be seen when you call 518-328-0463 for assistance.

You can also update your unique personal profile by adding information such as your physical description, address, known allergies or other optional medical information.

How RPI Guardian Works

RPI Guardian works with your cell phone and can be used to alert Public Safety in an emergency - providing DPS with your location and other critical information required for a rapid response. By building a personal profile, information about you will be provided to Public Safety dispatchers should you call from your registered phone number.

Following successful user registration, RPI Guardian is accessible through an interactive voice menu reached by dialing a number dedicated to RPI. RPI Guardian provides peace of mind by transforming your mobile phone into a mobile blue light phone.

RPI Guardian works in two ways:

  • Panic Call - set-up a one-touch panic button on any cell phone using the number 518-328-0463. As your phone speed-dials Public Safety, it triggers an alarm and automatically sends them critical profile information (including your name and photo). Based on the signal of your cell phone, a GPS locator is also activated providing Public Safety with a visual proximity of where you are located.

  • Precautionary Timer- Activate a timer on any cell phone before walking across campus. When you reach your destination safely, deactivate the timer. When you deactivate the timer, DPS will never know that you have even used the Timer/Virtual Safe Walk service.

To activate a timer:

  1. Call 518-328-0465
  2. Enter 4-digit PIN
  3. RPI Guardian verifies the mobile number
  4. Enter timer duration using the phone’s keypad
  5. Rave Guardian confirms duration

You are given the option to leave a recorded voice message. Examples include, “I am leaving the DCC and heading to my vehicle in Hall Hall lot,” or “I am leaving the Library and heading to my residence in Crockett Hall.”

Safety profile information and geographic location are not shared at this time. Five (5) minutes prior to the timer expiring, a reminder text message will be sent to your mobile phone. Two (2) minutes prior to expiring, a voice message will be sent to your phone reminding you to deactivate the timer.

To deactivate a timer:

  1. Call dedicated timer number
  2. Enter 4-digit PIN
  3. RPI Guardian verifies mobile number
  4. The case is deactivated

The timer will become a Panic Alarm if it's not deactivated

Public Safety will see: “User did not deactivate their Guardian Timer.”

Your descriptive voice-mail is embedded into your Panic Alarm to provide DPS with those details and your phone’s GPS will transmit your exact location to DPS.

Public Safety will call to make sure you’re OK.

Things to remember:

This new mobile service should not replace the standard practice of dialing 518-276-6611 from your cell phone (or 6611 from a campus phone) to report campus-based police, fire, or medical emergencies to the RPI Department of Public Safety.

  • RPI Guardian should only be utilized in areas within the location of the RPI Troy campus at this time.

  • As well with any cell phone usage, certain factors (such as signal strength, type and quality of your phone carrier, and dead spots) can affect the GPS locator accuracy.

  • To maximize the full benefit of this service, your user profile should contain an accurate self-description. The more information you provide in your profile, the easier it will be for DPS to locate you, if necessary. All information is kept completely confidential.

  • When using the precautionary timer tool, it is strongly recommended that you leave the accompanying voicemail message informing DPS about your current location, intended destination, intended course of travel, etc. This information will greatly facilitate any necessary response actions coordinated by DPS.

  • Your profile information will not be viewable by DPS if you conduct a successful timer activation and de-activation. DPS will only see your profile information if your alarm has been activated (panic alarm or timer expiration).

  • If you are in duress upon receiving a call back from DPS personnel, provide a PIN number one number above your actual code when prompted to recite your PIN.

Protecting Your Privacy

We want you to feel confident that any information you provide for RPI Guardian is kept completely confidential. DPS never sees your information or tracks your location unless you contact us for assistance.

DPS has worked to ensure our Vendor, Rave Guardian, follows Rensselaer standards for data protection.

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