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Fire Sprinkler
Fire Safety

Considerable emphasis is placed on fire safety at Rensselaer.

All residence facilities are equipped with fire and smoke detector equipment that relays an emergency signal to Public Safety if a problem is detected. Student rooms are also furnished with single station smoke alarms.

All Rensselaer residence halls and apartments are equipped with a sprinkler system.

Residence Life policies governing student behavior concerning fire safety are strictly enforced. Cooking in areas other than authorized kitchens is prohibited. Toaster ovens and other appliances with open coils are forbidden in all residence facilities.

An ongoing effort is made to encourage students to evaluate their environment and take reasonable precautions to ensure their safety. Student rooms and apartments are inspected by Residence Life staff once per semester and students are urged to become involved in the university’s Residence Life safety efforts.

The Institute conducts fire drills throughout the year.

A fire alarm is an Institute order to vacate the building. You should familiarize yourself with evacuation procedures and follow directions of staff and fire safety officers. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action including probation and a fine of $100.

See also: Fire Safety and Emergency Tips

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