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Public Safety Personnel

Rensselaer’s Department of Public Safety includes full-time officers, sergeants, Lieutenants, an Investigator, administrators, part-time officers, and a Public Safety Specialist Unit. Public Safety is an expanded law enforcement program whose officers possess New York State statutory arrest powers. Officers use the New York criminal procedure and penal laws in concert with the education and county law to maintain order.

Patrols: By foot, bicycle, and patrol car, Public Safety officers use a high-profile patrol procedure to safeguard a 260-acre campus that includes 42 academic facilities, 61 residential buildings, the Houston Field House, athletic fields, parking areas, paths, and roadways.

Safety Surveys: During their patrols, officers constantly monitor and evaluate campus security. They routinely identify and report problems such as broken locks, lighting in need of repair, and overgrown shrubbery. They immediately address problems they consider to be a threat or hazard, regardless of the time of day or night.

Investigations: An Investigator, with the assistance of Sergeants, coordinates investigations, analyzes crime reports, provides victim services, and confers regularly with local, county and state law-enforcement agencies. With excellent cooperation from these agencies, we monitor and record criminal activity involving Rensselaer organizations (such as fraternities) that fall within their jurisdictions.

Recruitment And Training: Public Safety personnel are recruited from academic institutions, the military, and law-enforcement agencies. Officers have undergone extensive interviews and background investigations. A two-year college degree is required by Rensselaer; a number of our officers have four-year degrees.

Rensselaer’s Public Safety Officers:

  • Complete a 320 hour New York State certified campus law enforcement academy.
  • Complete three months of classroom and nine months of field training.
  • Hold an Associate’s Degree or have 10+ years of experience in a progressive law enforcement agency.
  • Possess New York State Statutory Arrest Authority.
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