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Access Control Office: 276-8641

The Access Control System is a valuable tool that is there for your convenience and to help protect you.

Remember: Keep your Rensselaer ID with you at all times!

* Buildings Requiring Card Access

Access Control

Exterior entrances of all residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. All major residential facilities are equipped with exterior door access control, monitored by Public Safety. All rooms and residence halls are equipped with deadbolt locks and door peepholes.

Access to closed academic facilities can be obtained only with an authorized key.

For everyone’s sake, please respect building security.

Never prop doors open, and do not let anyone you don’t know into the building. Report damaged locks to Public Safety immediately.

Access Control and Security System

The Purpose of the Access Control and Security System Is:

  • To improve the security of residence facilities with an effective policy;
  • To comply with campus-wide crime prevention and control objectives;
  • To enable Rensselaer to safeguard the residential facilities;
  • To simplify locking policies;
  • To abolish key duplication;
  • To abolish unauthorized access;
  • To abolish the necessity of emergency re-keying and re-coring;
  • To satisfy security concerns of students, faculty and staff.

The Purpose of the Access Control and Security System Is Not:

  • To monitor student activity;
  • To monitor personnel activity;
  • To provide recorded information of activity.

Routine Replacement of Cards

What To Do: Emergency Disabling Of Card

Cards lost or stolen during normal business hours (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) should be reported immediately to the ID office located in the Rensselaer Union (x6670).

During normal business hours, students who have misplaced their cards (but think they know where it could be) should make the residential facility access inoperable by immediately contacting Residence Life. Residence Life (x6284) will issue a temporary card which will expire at the end of the next business day.

After normal business hours students should make the card inoperable for residential facility use by immediately going to the Public Safety office in person.

During weekends and in the evenings, a temporary courtesy card will be provided by Public Safety. This temporary card will expire at the end of the first business day. Public Safety will invalidate the lost card in the system and give the student an information sheet explaining lost card procedures and what to do if the student is on a meal plan.

Students will receive a replacement card at the ID desk the next business day and return the courtesy card. If the courtesy card is not returned, an additional charge of $25 will be incurred. ID desk personnel will return this card to Public Safety, and Public Safety will de-assign residential facilities access on the card.

Replacement Card Costs

Replacement cards will cost $10.00 for the first card and $25.00 for each additional card rendered. This replacement card will be issued to the student only after their original card has been rendered inoperable from the system. No person may possess two operable cards. New ISO numbers will be issued on the new card and the old ISO's retired from future use.

Door or Card Reader Problems

Contact the Campus Maintenance Center (CMC) at Ext. 2000 regarding any door problems. CMC will respond immediately.

If it is a door problem, CMC will fix the problem. If it is a card reader problem, CMC will contact the Access Control System Administrator at Public Safety who will ensure that the card reader problem is corrected.

Contact Information:

Access Control System Administrator
Phone: 518-276-8641

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