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Rensselaer Department of Public Safety
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Emergency: 276-6611
RPI Ambulance
Remember: When an emergency arises at RPI, it’s important to know when and who to call so help can arrive fast.
Medical Emergency

Do You Know What to Do?

Your Role In a Medical Emergency

Emergencies can happen any place and at any moment. When an emergency arises at RPI, it’s important to know when and who to call so help can arrive fast. You play an important part in the network of university and community resources prepared to respond to medical emergencies. Dial x6611.

What is a Medical Emergency?

Any medical condition or serious injury which threatens life or limb is an emergency. Some examples are:

  • Difficulty Breathing
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Possible serious bone fractures
  • Major burns
  • Heart attack symptoms, e.g., chest pressure/pain
  • Shock symptoms, e.g., confusion, disorientation, cool/clammy skin

Who To Call

If you or someone else is seriously sick or injured, call DPS at 276-6611 and tell the dispatcher you have a medical emergency. Remember to:

  • Calmly explain the exact nature of the illness or injury
  • State the exact location of the emergency
  • STAY ON THE LINE! The dispatcher will need to ask additional questions
  • Public Safety makes all notifications to the Troy Fire Department, who will respond Paramedics/Ambulances as appropriate.

DPS Response - 24 hours a day/7 days a week

All Public Safety officers are trained in First Aid/CPR, and a number of officers are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. An officer will respond to assist you and will request Troy Fire Department paramedics if necessary.

Public Safety patrol vehicles are equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) to assist in response to emergency medical calls. Officers have been trained in AED use and receive annual certification.

Also, officers can communicate with an on-call physician from the Gallagher Health Center (x6287). When appropriate, you will be transported to the Gallagher Health Center or local hospital for follow-up care.

If you are not seriously sick or injured, contact the Gallagher Health Center during regular business hours to schedule an appointment.

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