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Rensselaer Department of Public Safety
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Emergency: 276-6611
Public Safety Incident Reports Abbreviation/Code Key Return to Incident Reports
65-C 65-C Unlawful Possession - Alcoholic Beverages
ACCIDT Fire Alarm - Accidental Tripping of Fire Alarm
AGHSMT Aggravated Harassment
ARSN Arson
ARSON Fire Alarm - Arson
ASLTF Assault/Felony
ASLTM Assault/Misdemeanor
BBP Bloodborne Pathogen Clean Up
BRIBE Bribery
BURG Burglary
CHILD Unlawfully Dealing with a Child
COERC Coercion
CRIMSF Criminal Mischief
CRMNUS Criminal Nuisance
CTLSUB Controlled Substances
DISCON Disorderly Conduct
DISTR Disturbance
DNGWPN Dangerous Weapons
DOMEST Domestic
DWI Driving Under Influence: Alcohol/Drugs
EMZL Embezzlement
EXPLOD Fire Alarm - Explosion
EXTOR Extortion
FALSE Fire Alarm - False Alarm/Criminal Mischief
FAMOF Offenses Against Family
FIRE Fire Alarm - Actual Fire
FOLLOW Investigation - Follow-Up
FORGY Forgery and Counterfeiting
FRIN False Report
GAMBL Gambling
GDA GDA Violation
HSMT Harassment
INTOX Intoxication
INV Investigation
KDPG Kidnapping
LBLD Larceny from Building
LMV Larceny from Motor Vehicle
LMVP Larceny of Motor Vehicle Parts
LOIT Loitering
LOSTFD Lost and Found
LOTH All Other Larceny
LPP Larceny - Pick Pocketing
LPS Larceny - Purse Snatch
LSL Larceny - Shoplifting
LVEN Larceny - Vending Machine
MEDIC Medical
MISPER Investigation - Missing Person
MVT Motor Vehicle Theft
NONCRM Non-Criminal
NOTIFY Incident Notification
ODOR Investigation - Odor
OTHER All Other Offences
PDAA Property Damage Auto Accident
PIAA Personal Injury Auto Accident
POSBT Possession of Burglary Tools
PROST Prostitution
PSYCH Psychological Concern
PWRFLR Power Failure
RECK Reckless Endangerment
REPROP Property Recovered by Officer during Investigation
ROBB Robbery
SEXOFF Sex Offenses
SMOKE "Fire Alarm - Smoke Condition (i.e., cooking smoke)"
SPPOS Stolen Property/Possession of
SUSMV Suspicious Motor Vehicle
SUSP Suspicious Person(s)
SYSTEM Fire Alarm - Malfunction
TRESP Criminal Trespass
UKNOWN Fire Alarm - Unknown Cause for Fire Alarm
UUMV Unauthorized Use of Vehicle
VEHST Traffic Stop
VOP Violation of Order of Protection
WELCK Investigation - Welfare Check

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