[Mission Statement] [Organization] [Security]

  • Please be aware of the need to protect our Clients rights. The Computer equipment they have, the number of computers, the types, the peripherals, the software, and other such details shall be kept in a data base for the Programís use only. THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL and as such shall not be given to anyone outside the Program without the Clients express permission.
  • The program cannot install any software on a Clients computer which the Client does not own or have license to. Possession of the installation files and the Clientís affirmation of ownership shall suffice.
  • Donated hard drives shall be reformatted prior to use in order to prevent access to the donating parties information and to prevent any copyright violations of commercial software. Additionally, this will usually prevent the transfer of any computer viruses or malicious code.
  • The Client must be advised that while the operation of used hardware will be verified at the time of installation, the Program, donating party, and RPI cannot make any guarantees as to itís functionality and take no responsibility for any problems that may arise. As such, any hardware replaced will be left with the Client in case such equipment fails. A representative of The Client will be asked to read and sign this document as notice before any hardware is installed on their computer.
  • The above guideline was established to legally protect the Program, RPI, donating parties, and our Clients. It is IMPERITIVE that these guidelines be adhered to under all circumstances.