[Mission Statement] [Organization] [Security]

  • The Program is organized and run entirely by students on a volunteer basis. Students may earn credit for there time through the Public Service Internship Program by meeting the minimum requirements set by the Internship Office.
  1. The Students in the Program will assign a Program Coordinator or Program Co-Coordinators at the beginning of each semester. The Coordinator(s) will be responsible for:
    1. Organizing the activities of the Students.
    2. Updating the Program web page.
    3. Keeping a database on current Client equipment and needs.
    4. Maintaining the inventory of donated items.
    5. Determination of which Client will be given donated items.
    6. Writing the supervisor evaluations for any interns in the Program.
  2. The Studentsí activities will include:
    1. Locating organizations in the community that may benefit from the Programís activities.
    2. Assisting in obtaining donations or low cost computer hardware and software for the Programís use.
    3. Assessing the Clientís needs and making recommendations.
    4. Reporting the needs and recommendations made to the Program Coordinator(s).
    5. Repairing and/or upgrading hardware of the Client.
    6. Configuring current Client software to meet the Clientís needs.
    7. Training the Client on all aspects of their computers.
    8. Designing Web pages for the Client.

Students will be assigned tasks based on their knowledge and scheduling requirements. Students will only be assigned tasks they feel comfortable with.

    A general check list shall be issued to the Student to easily asses the Clients current computer configuration.

    The Program/Client relationship should be carried out with a high degree of professionalism as the Studentís conduct directly reflects upon the Program and the Rensselaer Community.

    The Students should adhere to the guidelines laid out in this document unless previously discussed with the Program Coordinator.