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  • The mission of this organization is to provide non-profit organizations (the Client) with a viable resource for their computer needs. These needs will be assessed by the Students as they work with the organizations and establish a working relationship with them.
  • Some of the services we wish to provide are:
  1. Computer training on current computers owned by the Client.
  2. Computer repair and need based upgrades on current Client equipment.
  3. Replacement or installation of refurbished equipment as our inventory allows.
  4. Web page design for the Client.
  5. Any additional needs not specified above which could be addressed.
  • In order to address these needs, the Computer Outreach Program (the Program) will attempt to acquire donations of hardware and software from individuals and corporations for use by the Client.
  • When donations are not feasible, the Program will attempt to locate the lowest cost equipment available to aid in the Clients budget constraints.