Date Events
04/29/98 Eight hour training session set up with Linn Becker (434-6468) of the Hospitality House on Win 3.x, Win95, Office, and misc. programs. (MO)
04/28/98 Posted Usenet message looking for interns next fall. (MO)
04/28/98 Posted Internship documents on the web page. Documents are password protected. (MO)
04/28/98 Created a web site for the Cohoes Senior Citizen's Center (235-2420) at (MO)
04/23/98 Contacting Sister Claudette at Sunnyside (274-5986) regarding training. (TM)
04/23/98 Delivered 2 386s to the United Way - Senior Aid Project (272-6012) with printers for their use. (TM)
04/20/98 Conducted a 20 hour training session over 5 weeks for the Troy Area Senior Services Center. Trained the seniors on Win95, MSWord, Internet, and email. Contact is Penny Jones 270-5348. (KS)
04/12/98 Spoke with Michael Varieur of Troy Boy's & Girl's Club (272-7853) regarding repair/upgrade options. He will be deciding on what can be funded and will get back to us. (TM)
04/05/98 Obtained storage space in attic of Sage building for donated equipment. Access through the Science & Technology Studies Office (x6444). Stored donations there; waiver of reliability signed. (MO)
03/25/98 Finalized everything with RPI and received first batch of donations (a couple 386s with monitors and printers). Spoke with Gary Schwartz (x8159) about network cards for B&G Club and some may be coming. (MO)
03/18/98 Spoke with Rose Long about Troy Area Senior Services Center (she's an intern this semester there). They need help getting an internet connection up and running and training on Win95 and internet. (MO)
03/05/98 Assessed needs of Troy Boy's & Girl's Club (272-7853). Determined 5 of their machines had bad motherboards, 1 has a bad hard drive, 1 needs operating system reinstalled and all should probably have all software reinstalled. We should figure out a way to protect the systems once they are configured properly; the kids have a tendency to delete stuff. The Club is really interested in getting internet access to at least a few machines. The most viable option seems to be a couple modems and telephone lines with network cards and TCP/IP sharing software installed (like Wingate or something). They are running Win 3.1, anybody have a low-cost suggestion? We may be able to get donated network cards. (TM & MO)
02/26/98 Opened 2 computers at the United Way and determined it possible and beneficial to add 1 4MB 30 pin SIMM to existing 386 machine. Training still to be done but all hardware work is completed after memory install. It was determined that upgrading to a Pentium machine would not be feasible with the budget constraints. Discussed publishing program in a local non-profit organization newsletter. Contact is Sandra Cuevas-Santoro 272-1000. (MO)
02/24/98 Visit to the Stanley Resource Center (273-2488). Reinstalled Win95 on one machine to get sound working, fixed network configuration problem affecting printing, showed Richard Streeter how to do a couple things in Win95. One 486 remains down, previously diagnosed by company that upgraded their systems with a bad motherboard. Options discussed in fixing it include getting 486 parts from RPI to repair or upgrading the system to a Pentium class at cost to the Center. (MO)
02/19/98 Discussed donations of old printers, monitors, and systems from RPI with Gary Schwartz (x8159). Many issues still need to be resolved but looks hopeful. Picked up donation of printer in need of repair from Leo J. Hetling. (MO)
02/12/98 Initial visit to The United Way of Troy (272-1000). Assessed needs, fixed minor Windows configuration problems on one computer. Discussed training on current software. Plans include (KS) to conduct training within a few weeks, (MO) to fix 2nd computer and open both to determine if adding more memory is possible. Upgrading to 486 or Pentium was discussed and estimated costs were given. (MO)
02/04/98 Received donation of computer parts from Jeff Wovkulich. (MO)
02/04/98 Contacted United Way (272-1000), they report they are in need of our services in computer repair/upgrade and software training. Scheduled time for 2/12/98 to discuss further. (MO)
01/29/98 Web pages created, posts to Usenet looking for volunteers. (MO)