Welcome to Rensselaer! Founded in 1824, Rensselaer is the oldest science and technological university in America. I am happy to share with you the excitement of the Rensselaer experience, now undergoing a Renaissance as a result of the Rensselaer Plan formulated under the guidance of our esteemed President, the honorable Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson. This plan aims to bring Rensselaer to “greater prominence in the 21st century as a top-tier world-class technological research university with global reach and global impact." This goal embodies the vision of the original Rensselaer founders, Amos Eaton and Stephen Van Rensselaer, "for the purpose of instructing persons who may choose to apply themselves in the application of science to the common purpose of life."

For more than 180 years Rensselaer has maintained a tradition of excellence in education and research. Consistently ranked among the top 50 Universities in the United States, Rensselaer is known for having a disproportionate impact on society. We continue this tradition of excellence today as we strive to broaden our curriculum and improve the quality of life and learning for all students, strengthen our graduate programs, and aggressively recruit new faculty. In addition we are taking bold steps to expand our research and educational opportunities by building novel platforms like the new 218,000 sq ft. Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies (CBIS) opened in 2004, the Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations (CCNI) that will house the world’s largest academic supercomputer scheduled to open in 2007, and the spectacular Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) scheduled to open in 2008. These platforms will allow Rensselaer students and faculty to achieve unprecedented scholarship in our signature thrust areas; Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Computation and Information Technology, Energy and the Environment, and Media and the Arts. The people, platforms, and programs at Rensselaer offers a unique international learning experience for students, an exceptional opportunity for faculty to pursue their careers, and ideal conditions for partnerships with state and federal agencies, foundations, and private industry. Rensselaer is truly a unique place to be, an international institution with global reach and global impact.

As Provost, I am committed to continuing the tradition of excellence at Rensselaer as we undergo an exciting period of growth and positive change that is unprecedented for modern American universities. The students and faculty of Rensselaer are already changing the world. Tomorrow is already here at Rensselaer!

Robert E. Palazzo



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