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Stores Request Form
Below is a Request Form for those Campus Supplies that are presently available. Please be aware that these supplies have been made available for your convenience and that some of these supplies will be discontinued when the present supply runs out. Please note that order can not be processed without complete funding codes which includes PROGRAM AND ACTIVITY CODES. Thank you for understanding. Items in red are the most frequently ordered items and also pictured on the Campus Supply page.
My name is:
My phone number is:
My Department:
My building and room number are:  
Deliver To:
FUND Manager:

   pkgs  8627325 BOOKS BLUE EXAM 50/PKG - $6.20/pkg
   pkgs  8651040 ENV #10 W/BLK CORNER 500/BX - $8.94/pkg
   boxes  8651090 ENV 7X10 WHITE BLACK CORNER - $37.47/bx
   boxes  8651050 ENV 9 1/2 X 12 1/2 WHITE W/BLK CORNER 500/BX - $34.76/bx
   boxes  8651020 ENV W/BLK CORNER #9 500/BX - $25.55/bx
   boxes  8651010 ENV #10 W/RED CORNER CARD 500/BX - $26.70/bx
   boxes  8651030 ENV #9 W/WINDOW BLK CORNER 500/BX - $26.05/bx
   boxes  8651240 ENV WINDOW ACCTS PAYABLE/PAYROLL 500/BX - $14.37/bx
   boxes  8651031 ENV 10 W/WINDOW NO CARD CORNER 500/BX - $6.00/bx
   boxes  8624300 GENERIC LETTERHEAD, 8.5X11 BLK/WHITE RENSSELAER- $8.92/bx
   boxes  8644382 LABELS XEROX 24UP #3r2363 - $15.70/bx
   boxes  8644384 LABELS XEROX 33-UP #3R4469 - $14.50/bx
   boxes  8622350 LABELS, PRINTED RPI RETURN ADDRESS - $5.09/bx
   boxes  8624280 MEMO PADS 7" - $1.49/bx
   reams  8621010 PAPER STRATHMORE NATURAL WHITE 8 1/2 X 11 - $11.54/rm
   reams  8621030 PAPER BLUE - $3.30/rm
   reams  8621020 PAPER COPY 8 1/2 X 11 all purpose - $2.50/rm
   reams  8621025 PAPER GREEN - $3.55/rm
   reams  8621015 PAPER NEENHAM OPAQUE - $9.05/rm
   reams  8621035 PAPER YELLOW - $3.07/rm
   each  8634400 TONER SHARP 7200 - $6.90/ea
   each  8634200 TONER SHARP 8100 - $10.00/ea
   each  8634102 TONER SHARP 880T1 - $28.34/ea
   each  8634500 TONER SHARP CARTRIDGE Z-70 - $50.00/ea
   each  8634450 TONER SHARP SF-730 - $27.41/ea
   each  8634660 TONER SHARP SF-780 - $20.00/ea
   each  8634550 TONER SHARP SF-830 - $21.72/ea
   each  8634650 TONER SHARP SF-980 - $38.98/ea
   each  8634400 TONER SHARP/TANK 7750 - $8.00/ea
   boxes  8631165 TRANSPARENCIES, XEROX 3R3028 - $14.29/bx
   boxes  8631140 TRANSPARENCY PROJECTION #IR1140 - $16.95/bx
   boxes  8631150 TRANSPARENCY XEROX W/SENSING STRIP #3R3108 - $11.32/bx

Please complete all of the above information and click on the submit button below to have an e-mail sent to the Stockroom with your request. Thank you.

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To contact the Rensselaer Stockroom:
Mary Ellen Masterson, Manager
Service Building
Call 518-276-8389

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