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With a staff of six, the Stockroom at Physical Plant provides support to all the Trades, Academic & Auxiliary Facility Repair, Environmental Services, and Landscape Support Services. We have three counter workers, Bruce Vogt, Keith Cummins, and Betty Jones. They perform the shipping and receiving duties. They are also responsible for all general housekeeping of the Stockroom as well as for bin maintenance, physical inventory counts, and issuing of the over 9,000 different parts that we have on hand. One Lead Stockkeeper, Keith Blair, is the primary buyer and one clerical person, Colleen Deerfield, takes care of the purchase order and payment records including credit card reconciliation of Stockroom and Shop credit cards. One manager, Mary Masterson, tries to keep it all moving smoothly.
The total inventory value that is carried varies between $350,000 to more than $450,000. Over the past five years the Main Stockroom has procured about 30,000 different parts and services for the operations and maintenance of the RPI campus. We take care of all the purchasing requirements, maintaining documentation in hard copy files of Purchase Orders, packing slips, invoices and credit card charges. We also keep a detailed computer database of everything we have purchased and sold. For fiscal year 2000, our Purchasing Card usage exceeded 4200 transactions that together represented over $845,000 worth of merchandise. The total credits applied to our Main Stockroom account through CMMS transactions translated into $1,166,090 in "sales."
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To contact the Rensselaer Stockroom:
Mary Ellen Masterson, Manager
Service Building
Call 518-276-8389

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