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The Key Shop is responsible for making keys for all of the doors on campus. There are two processes involved. One for the Residential Facilities and one for the Academic buildings.
Residential Facilities
Students are responsible for the keys they are given to get into their residential rooms. All Residential Facility keys are issued and tracked "in house" by Residence Life. Key machinesIf a student loses their key, Residence Life will issue them a new key and replace the core in the door to their room. The student's bursar account is charged for the lost key and the core.
Keys are no longer used to enter the outside doors of the Residential Facilities. Card Access is utilized for extra security. It is important for you to report lost cards so that the lost card can be shut down immediately. For more information on Card Access see Public Safety's Card Access page.

Academic Buildings.
When you start work at Rensselaer and need access to a building, your supervisor will fill out the appropriate form to request that you be issued a key for your office and perhaps your building. Or, maybe your office is moving to another room or another building. Again, an authorized request must be made to the Key Shop to issue you new keys.
This Request for Keys must be signed by a Department Chair, Dean, Director or someone who has been declared an authorized designee that is responsible for all keys in the department.
All requests are put into the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) as a work order to be processed. This work order is filled by Paul Zelinke, the Key Shop Coordinator. When the key has been completed, Paul fills out a Key Accountability Card which is delivered to our Public Safety department with the key itself. You are then notified that your key is ready for you to pick it up. When you pick up your card at Public Safety, you must sign for the key and an officer initials and dates the card indicating that you have picked up that key.
Additional control information is kept in the Key Shop as to the location of every key that has been issued on campus. When you leave Rensselaer, you are responsible to return your keys to the Key Shop. As a Supervisor, you must be sure that this happens.

          Making a Key
          Making a Core
          The Process
          Request for Keys
          Problem with a Core
          Request for Recore
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To contact the Rensselaer Key Shop:
Paul Zelinke, Coordinator
Service Building
Call 518-276-8241

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