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Every door on Rensselaer's campus has been identified with a particular core and a key that fits that core. There are particular key types for different buildings on campus. Making a KeyThe Key Shop tracks these key types via a code book. Once it is determined the type of key that is needed, Paul determines which Combinator will be used to make that key.
The key is then placed into the Combinator and secured into place. The appropriate setting is made for each indentation that is made onto the key. When the key is done, a serial number is stamped onto the key with a hammer.
Our residential facilities on campus, along with many of our other buildings, have 7-pin cores. This adds extra security in that there are over 78,000 different codes for this type of system. Engraving the KeyAs additional buildings are built or upgraded on campus, cores/keys are switched over to this newer, more secure 7-pin system.
The picture above shows Paul Zelinke using the Combinator and setting the dials to make a key. If you look closely you can numerous Combinators that are used (left portion of the picture in different colors) depending on the building that needs a new key.
The picture to the left shows the stamping process. It too shows many engravers on the right hand side of the picture.


          Making a Key
          Making a Core
          The Process
          Request for Keys
          Problem with a Core
          Request for Recore
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To contact the Rensselaer Key Shop:
Paul Zelinke, Coordinator
Service Building
Call 518-276-8241

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