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Every door on Rensselaer's campus has been identified with a unique core. Placing a core into the Core PressWhen new buildings come on line, there is a plan review and specifications for new cores are determined. Cores and matching keys for these new buildings are outsourced and ordered from a factory.
For buildings that are already on line, the Key Shop is responsible to replace cores that may have a problem. Please see Core Problems to troubleshoot what the problem may be in your office. Using this troubleshooting list will enable the Key Shop to help you in a more expedient and efficient manner.
Cores used at Rensselaer are silver, brass or bronze in nature. The process begins with a software program that allows the Key Shop to build cores with the proper configuration. A 7-pin system has 78,000+ codes to choose from.
Springs for Core The making of a core involves using an empty core that has 6 or 7 holes in it. Pin segments are placed into the barrels of each core; tiny springs are then placed on top of the pin segments; and each hole is covered with a core cap.
The core is then placed into a core press (see picture), which seals all parts into place and keeps the pin segment and springs from falling out of the core. The finished core is then placed into your door with a special control key.


          Making a Key
          Making a Core
          The Process
          Request for Keys
          Problem with a Core
          Request for Recore
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To contact the Rensselaer Key Shop:
Paul Zelinke, Coordinator
Service Building
Call 518-276-8241

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