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If you will take a minute before you call us to answer the following questions, it will help us to respond to you in a more expedient and efficient manner. There are many different reasons that could be causing you to not be able to get into your room. Using the statements below will enable you to properly describe your problem to the Key Shop.
  1. My key does not go into the core at all.  This could indicate any of the following as a possibility - a bent key, you are using the wrong key, or the core is no longer functioning at all.
  2. My key appears to be bent.  This could be an indication that you need your key replaced and not the core. Please place an authorized request on the appropriate form.
  3. My key goes into the core but does not turn to open the door.  This could indicate one of two things: Either it is a brand new key that hasn't been cut properly OR; if it is a recycled key, it could be that the key did not work originally. Please use the appropriate form to request a replacement key
  4. My key goes into the core, turns, but does not open the door.  This could indicate that there is something broken in the core itself. Please use the appropriate form to request a core change
  5. My core appears to be coming out of the door.  This could indicate a core failure. Please use the appropriate form to request someone fix the core.

          Making a Key
          Making a Core
          The Process
          Request for Keys
          Problem with a Core
          Request for Recore
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To contact the Rensselaer Key Shop:
Paul Zelinke, Coordinator
Service Building
Call 518-276-8241

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