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The Key Shop plays an integral part of life at Rensselaer. Our keys get us into our office, into our desk, into our file cabinets, and they provide security to our campus. Upclose keyingThe Key Shop not only deals with making keys and cores but also accountability and security issues.
Our residential facilities on campus, along with many of our other buildings, have 7-pin cores. This adds extra security in that there are over 78,000 different codes for this type of system.
When new buildings come on line there is a plan review and specifications for new hardware is determined. Cores and matching keys for these new buildings are outsourced. All other keys and cores are made right in our own Rensselaer Key Shop. See the process below.
Rensselaer keys are also recycled. When an employee turns a key in because they have no longer have a use for it, it is saved for future use. This also enables a quicker response time for many requested keys.

          Making a Key
          Making a Core
          The Process
          Request for Keys
          Problem with a Core
          Request for Recore
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To contact the Rensselaer Key Shop:
Paul Zelinke, Coordinator
Service Building
Call 518-276-8241

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