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The Process . . .

The Main Boiler House plays an integral role at Rensselaer as it receives water and gas from the City of Troy, produces steam for the campus to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here is how it all works . . .

Hot Condensate returned from campus goes back into the Make-Up Tank to begin recycling process, little is wasted. arrows Softeners
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Water comes in from the City of Troy and goes through these water softeners which remove scale-forming chemicals.
arrow Mixes hot return water (condensate) with cold city water.
arrows Make-Up Tank arrows Deaereator Tank
arrow arrow arrow Deaereator Tank removes oxygen from water. At high temperatures oxygen is extremely corrosive to steel piping and equipment.
arrows Transfer Pump Transfer Pump moves water to the Deaereator Tank. arrows arrow
arrow Feedwater Pumps pump water into the Boiler Unit. This is regulated from a computer inside an office that overlooks the operation.
arrow Boiler #2 and Furnace arrow Feedwater Pumps
arrows MAIN BOILER FURNACE The Boiler Furnace is lined with 1000 tubes. As water in these tubes boil, steam is produced. This steam (by its own pressure) is pushed up into pipes to be carried out onto campus.
arrow arrow
arrows Pipes carrying steam out to campus arrow
arrows diagram Absorption Chiller
arrows Heat Exchanger
arrows Hot Condensate is pumped back into the Boiler House arrow
arrows Hot condensate is pumped back into the Main Boiler House for recycling back into the system.


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