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Undergraduate Research > REU Past Projects

Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU)

2001 Projects

Optical Constants of Interstellar Grain Mantles - Angela Maleski, Smith College, Dr. Doug Whittet and Dr. Wayne Roberge, RPI

Building an Online Database of Bright Stellar Spectra: Part I - Melissa Cravey, Rensselaer, Dr. Heidi Jo Newberg, RPI

Building an Online Database of Bright Stellar Spectra: Part II - Vanessa M. Lauburg, University of Missouri -St. Louis, Dr. Heidi Jo Newberg, RPI

Gender Studies in Educational Physics - Kelly Tensfeldt, Rensselaer, Dr. Karen Cummings, RPI

Development of Materials for an Innovative Physics Course for Non-Physics Majors - Avery Montembeault, Rensselaer, Dr. D.J. Wagner, RPI

Optical Switching Properties of Semiconductor - Matt Feshler, Elizabethtown College, Dr. Yuchaun Chen and Dr. Xi-Cheng Zhang, RPI

Terahertz Measurements on Thin Films - Jeffrey Kujawa, SUNY- Geneseo; Tauhid Zaman, Rensselaer, Dr. Roland Kersting, RPI

Optical and Structural Properties of CdSe Nanoparticles in Glass - Jill Lesser, Bates College, Dr. Peter Persans and Dr. Alex Filin, RPI

Characterization of Amorphous Silicon Films by Atomic Force Microscopy Using Silicon Nitride and Multi-Walled Nanotube Tips - Ken Nagle, Middlebury College, Dr. Yiping Zhao and Dr. Gwo-Ching Wang, RPI

Atomic Force Microscopy and Image Analysis of Topographic and Potential Measurements of Carbon Nanotubes - Brian Dewhirst, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Sandra Schujman and Dr. Leo Schowalter, RPI

Non-equilibrium Phase Transitions in Spatially Extended Bi-stable Systems - Katie Barbieri, Rensselaer, Dr. Gyorgy Korniss, RPI

Ground State Structures and Magnetic Moments of Iron Clusters on Graphitic Surfaces - Damian Huising, Siena College, Laxmidhar Senapati, Dr. Saroj Nayak and Dr. Xueyan Wu, RPI

3-D Electrodes for Super High Density Capacitors - Eric Williams, Rensselaer, Dr. Yiping Zhao and Dr. Toh-Ming Lu, RPI

Study of Thin Film Properties Using X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Reflectivity and Small Angle Scattering - Ben Fisher, Rensselaer, Donald Windover, Dr. Sabrina L. Lee and Dr. Toh-Ming Lu, RPI

REU 2001 Participants

2001 Participants: Katie Barbieri, Melissa Cravey, Brian Dewhirst, Matthew Feshler, Benjamin Fisher, Damian Hising, Jeffrey Kujawa, Vanessa Lauburg, Jill Lesser, Angela Maleski, Kenneth Nagle, Kelly Tensfeldt, Eric Williams

Professor György Korniss, Professor Saroj Nayak, Professor Peter Persans, Professor Sandra Schujman

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