Resources for Physics Majors

Professor Persans' Advising Talks

Finding Your Way Through Rensselaer

"Most students enter Physics at Rensselaer with a vague notion of what physicists do and what they can do with their degree. In fact, most physics majors transition into related fields where Physics supplies a good preparation. The purpose of this talk is to help you plan your time at Rensselaer by giving examples of some of the diverse paths that other students have taken to successful careers."

Planning for Graduate School and the Physics GRE

Physics GRE

Ohio State - You can get the four official practice tests here as well as all of the questions divided into subject area. - Contains answers and discussion to all of the questions for the four official practice tests. - is a comprehensive site that strives to provide prospective graduate students with the information to select, enroll, pay for, and succeed in an on or offline master's program. Recently, they have created a resource to help students beat the GRE. The information is broken up into sections to answer any students' questions.

LaTeX Files

Introduction to LaTeX Presentation

You can go here for some example files and more information about LaTeX: