We are always interested in doing outreach for students of any age. We have plenty of demonstrations about various parts of physics. We also can do more specific demonstrations - solar cells and Beakman motors are two examples below. If you are interested in having us give a presentation, please contact us.

Previous Outreach Activities

St. Jude's the Apostle Elementary School

Planned an hour and a half demonstration on Newton's Laws for a 3rd grade class. Demonstrations included using a large hovercraft which the children could ride on. We also made miniature hovercrafts which they were able to take home.

Harlem Academy

SPS Students planned eight hours of material on Solar Cells for a group of students from the Harlem Academy. Discussion included the basics of electricity, how solar cells work and sustainability. Each student got a solar cell and a small motor to take home.

Other Demonstrations

  • The Doane Stuart School
  • West Sand Lake Elementary School
  • West Sand Lake Middle School
  • RPI Technology Park Children's Museum

Outreach Demonstrations

  • Van de Graff Generator
  • Ring Launcher
  • Faraday Cage
  • Various Wave Demonstrations
  • Eddy Currents
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Angular Momentum (Wheel, turntable)
  • Air Cannon
  • Chaos Pendulum
  • Liquid Nitrogen Marshmallows
  • Vacuum Chamber
  • Vortex Cannon
  • Low Reynold's Number Demo