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What do we do?

Here is a brief list of some of the things we do in SPS, with more specific examples are further below:

  • Student-run teaching sessions. Past sessions have been about LaTeX, the programming language Processing and knitting (yes, knitting)

  • We have many projects in various stages of construction including a Tesla Coil, a double pendulum, water clock, and a reversible flow demonstration

  • Host an undergraduate research night where professors describe their research in the hopes of finding undergraduate assistance

  • Invite speakers for the weekly department colloquium

  • Attend local physics conferences

  • Have Rent-A-Student events where professors hire us to do work at their homes

  • We do outreach for local organizations (see the outreach page for more information)

  • Participate in Intramural Sports

  • Host numerous social events including: movie nights, frisbee, and barbeques when the weather is nice