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Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy
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Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy
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Condensed Matter Physics
Research Focus:

Condensed Matter Physics

This research program concentrates on three areas: surfaces, interfaces, and nanostructures; optical and electronic materials; and electronic transport.

New research concepts, materials, and techniques are developed for high technology applications.

Many research projects are interdisciplinary.

Surfaces, interfaces, and nanostructures

Experimental and theoretical work on surfaces, interfaces, and nanostructures involves the deposition, growth, and characterization of metals, semiconductors, and insulators.

The phenomena studied include homo- and hetero-epitaxy, initial stages of epitaxy, nucleation of thin films, surface phase transitions, and interface (solid-solid and solid-liquid) structure and bonding.

Theoretical work also includes applications of statistical physics and large-scale simulations to study the dynamics of natural, artificial, and social systems, including ecological systems, agent-based models, and social networks.

Nano-electronic transport

This research expects to enhance understanding of transport in nanostructures.

The experimental work includes studies of ballistic electron transport in ultrathin epitaxial multilayers, electrical resistance of metallic films, and plasma wave electronics in high electron mobility transistors.

The electron transport in nanoscale systems (single molecule to atomic wire to carbon nanotube) is studied using the state of the art first principles calculation.

The current research includes spin assisted transport (Spintronics) at the nanoscale.

Optical and electronic materials

The optical and electronic materials under study include wide bandgap semiconductors, photonic crystals, polymers, semiconductor nanoparticle composites, dielectrics, and magnetic thin films.


György Korniss, Kim Lewis, Shawn Lin, Toh-Ming Lu, Vincent Meunier, Peter Persans, John Schroeder, Michael Shur, Humberto Terrones, Gwo-Ching Wang, Esther Wertz, Christian Wetzel, Masashi Yamaguchi, Shengbai Zhang.
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