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Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy
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Spring 2013 Colloquiums

Presenter Title Date of Talk
Professor Oana Malis, Purdue  “Quantum Band Engineering” 5/8/13
Professor Leo Schowalter, CTO & Founder of Crystal IS, Inc.  “Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Profit: a Physics Success Story” 5/1/13
Professor Cullen Blake, Princeton  "Searching for Planets Orbiting Low-mass Stars" 4/24/13
Professor Ariel Caticha, SUNY-Albany  “Entropic Dynamics: an Information approach to Time and Quantum Theory” 4/10/13
Professor Shekhar Garde, RPI “Water, Proteins, and Interfaces: A New Molecular Perspective”  3/27/13
Professor Luis Cruz , Drexel University  “Effects of Age in Positional Correlations between Neurons and their Relationship to Network Firing Patterns: A Computational Approach” 3/20/13
Professor Herb Levine, Rice University  “Directed Cell Motility – Where is the Physics?” 3/6/13
Professor Krishna Kumar, U-Mass “Electrons are not Ambidextrous: New Insights from a Subatomic Matter of Fact" 2/27/13
Professor Xihong Peng, Arizona “Energy Gaps and Quantum Carriers in Strained Nanostructures” 2/20/13
Professor Steve Koonin, NYU "Science Meets Urban Challenges" 2/13/13
Professor Ken Shih,  UT Austin “Quantum control of metal/semiconductor hybrid systems: from atomic layer superconductivity to deep sub-diffraction nanolasers” 2/6/13
Professor Pierre Sikivie, Univ. of Florida “Dark Matter Axions” 1/30/13
Professor Laurie Leshin, RPI “The Mars Rover “Curiosity” Mission” 1/23/13

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