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Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy
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Fall 2012 Colloquiums

Presenter Title Date of Talk
Professor Michael Shur, RPI “Beyond Sunlight: Color Rendition Engine” 11/28/12
Professor Joel Giedt, RPI “Using the CCNI to study new strong interactions” 11/14/12
Professor Jerry Sellwood, Rutgers “Theory of Spiral Patterns in Galaxies” 11/7/12
Professor Doug Strachan, Kentucky “Mechanical Properties of Graphene Edges: One Dimensional Features in a Two Dimensional World” 10/24/12
Professor Yaron Danon, RPI “Overview of Low-Energy Nuclear Physics Research at the Gaerttner LINAC Center” 10/17/12
Professor Kathryn Johnston, Columbia “The Life and Death of Satellite Galaxies” 10/11/12
Professor Matt Bellis, Siena "Searching for Baryon Number Violation in the BaBar Dataset" 10/10/12
Professor James Napolitano, RPI “Reactor Renaissance: Neutrino Physics at Nuclear Power Plants” 10/3/12
Professor Sabastien Lepine, American Museum of Natural History “All the stars that move: a map of the nearest 100 parsecs, a search for habitable-planet real estate, as a quest for Galactic fossils" 9/26/12
Professor David Pritchard, MIT “Precision Mass Measurement: wcyclotron is not qB/m, does E=mc2?” 9/19/12
Professor Pan Li, SUNY Albany “Unravel RNA structure by force and temperature, on molecule at a time" 9/12/12
Professor Frans Spaepen, Harvard  Live 3D Modeling with Colloids 9/5/12
Professor Jim Alexander, Cornell “The Invention, Pursuit, and (at last!) Discovery of the Higgs Particle” 8/29/12

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