PHYS-2210: Quantum Physics I


General Information

Fall, 2015



Professor Wayne G. Roberge (roberw AT rpi DOT edu)

JROWL Room 1C36


Office Hrs: Mon & Thurs 2:00-3:00 or by appointment.


PHYS 1200 (Physics II) or PHYS 1250 (Honors Physics II).

MATH 1020 (Calculus II).

Graduate TAs

Teresa Esposito (espost2 AT rpi DOT edu)

Office Hrs: Thurs 1:00-3:00 in CII 4124.

Undergrad TAs

Jorge Alarcon (alarcj AT rpi DOT edu)

Office Hrs: Wed 11:30-1:30 outside of CBIS room 3244.

Tyler Leblond (leblot AT rpi DOT edu)

Office Hrs: Tues & Fri 1:00-200 in the HBH room.

Tom Merkh (merkht AT rpi DOT edu)

Office Hrs: Wed 10:00-12:00 in the HBH room.

Class Meetings

Tues & Fri, 10:00-11:50 in the West Hall auditorium


Not required but in-class activities count toward the grade



Problem sets (20%), 2 exams (40%), final exam (30%), In-class activities (10%)



A student who successfully completes this course will be able to:

   Apply quantum theory to describe nonrelativistic physical systems.

   Solve algebraic and numerical problems in quantum mechanics.


Quantum Physics by John S. Townsend is required.

The Ghost in the Atom edited by P.C.W. Davies and J.R. Brown is suggested.


Check often for homework assignments and special announcements.

Academic Honesty

Students are responsible for upholding the rules of academic honesty as spelled out in the Rensselaer Handbook. Students are encouraged to collaborate on homework but must write up solutions independently. Students may not copy or paraphrase homework solutions obtained from the internet, textbooks, or any other sources. A single instance of cheating will result in a failing grade for the course.

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